Ok, so I’m not exactly the most religious guy in the world. Actually pretty far from it. That fact may make this short blog a bit odd, only because the majority of Tim Tebow’s “true believers” are ultra conservative Christians.

I could care less who this guys prays to at night but, I’m totally and completely on board the Tim Tebow train. I saw an extended interview with him early in the week. This guy is one of the most sincere and legitimate guys I’ve ever listened to. Either that, or he’s the best bullshitter in the world. I want to hate him and think that he IS that bullshitter, but I really do believe that he means what he says. He puts other people before him, he cares 100% about his teammates and winning. NOTHING about stats. Everyone says that, nobody means it. He lives a good life. He offers not only his $ to charitable causes but, probably more importantly, his time. He says the right things, he acts the right way and he actually means it. At least as far as I can see. When he was shot down over and over again, prior to being drafted, saying he didn’t have the skill to be an NFL quarterback, he didn’t start training for another position, such as tight end (as most scouts recommended), he hired quarterback coaches and WORKED. Though he still pretty much sucks when it comes to throwing the ball, he wins. In the end, that’s all that matters because that’s that “it” factor that you can’t teach. I want to not like this guy and all his religious preaching. I just can’t seem to make myself do it. It sounds so cliche but it’s SO true, attitude is everything. Treat others as you want to be treated and things should work out fine. There’s so many people out there like this guy. It’s just nice to see someone in his position doing it and living it, not just talking about it. If his religious beliefs allow him to be this way, as he claims, then more power to him. Maybe though, it’s the fact that his religion has given him the confidence and attitude that it took to somehow attract the kind of energy that seems to follow him. Which, in a round about way, is still due to his religious beliefs. Whatever it is… right on my man.


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