Watters Performance training schedule for this week 2/15

“If you’re afraid to try, it’s probably worth it”
Watters Performance training notes
- This weeks schedule is posted. Who’s up for a Bloomer session this Saturday? Some trail running, endurance work, pushups and other sh*t? I need to know asap and I’ll get you the details
- Monday am is a gut check session. Who’s going to show? Confirm a spot tonight for the Peabody Deck session. Meet on the roof and DRESS WARM, supposed to be about -8. You’ll stay warm…
- Anyone looking for some good boxing gloves for the studio sessions, but these TODAY because they won’t have them for long. $50 on clearance for $15 http://store.titleboxing.com/title-classic-aero-boxing-gloves.html
- As with all other winter weeks, wear spare shoes so you can leave the wet ones at the FRONT door when you get here. Thanks…
- Confirm, confirm, confirm you training sessions times!
- Here’s a little treat, great video

Watters Performance training notes / Muddy Watters important dates

“Champions are made when no one is watching”
Watters Performance notes
- This weeks schedule is posted, confirm your spots.
- Come prepared for some running at 530 am Monday
- Enter through the front door from now til spring and BRING DRY SHOES or you’ll have to train without any
Muddy Watters important dates
- The Frozen Watters Saturday is coming up on 2/21. Part race and part long training session. Come out and have some winter fun. Tears don’t look as bad in the cold
- The Muddy Watters Trail Race (south) will take place on July 18th. Registration will open this week. This will be the only one to take place in Southeast MI, so get your shit together and sign up

Watters Performance training schedule for the week of 1/25

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MCB (soon to just be Watters Performance) notes
- starting on Monday, you may notice that all pages and correspondence will be titled Watters Performance and not Motor City Bootcamp. Don’t fret. Through a natural progression of things, I’d rather the name reflect what we’re doing now more so than how what we were doing when we started out, way back in 1995 as one of the first “bootcamp” programs in the Midwest. Though we stay true to our roots with various outdoor sessions, we’ve evolved to focus more on performance result oriented training. And I wanted the name to reflect that. I’m also sick of getting lumped into so many other “bootcamp” program hacks that seem to be everywhere. Just saying…  We’ll have some sweet new gear popping up soon too. I’ll keep you posted.
- This week’s schedule is posted at jeffwatters.com. Note Tuesday am’s location update
- Looking for some winter activity? Check out the adventure race information below…
Registration now open at www.miadventurerace.com (http://miadventurerace.com/silver-lake/race-information/)

5 hours with bonus Amazing Race challenges (paddleboarding, sandboarding and hopefully a monster waterslide) or…

8 hours with more advanced terrain and no Amazing Race challenges

* Just over one hour from Grand Rapids; great camping at Silver Lake State Park and other nearby resorts (see website)
* A great mix of dune (mostly hard-packed) and forest orienteering
* Beginner to intermediate mountain biking
* Scenic paddling but not too long (rental including with 5 hour race)
* Crazy challenges for the 5-hour racers. Check out the giant waterslide (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkTZNOqqoDE)  we hope to build on the dunes.
* Tech shirt and Silver Lake Pizza Factory pizza
* 2-person or solo
* Limited number of rental canoes and kayaks for the 8-hour race so sign up soon (http://miadventurerace.com/silver-lake/race-information/) if you need one
* Sponsors: Gazelle Sports, West Michigan Bike & Fitness, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus, Let Us Inc., Wave Club Watersport Rentals, Silver Lake Pizza Factory

And in case you missed it…

** Michigan Adventure Race: Winter Edition

February 7, 2015
Camp Roger, Rockford
- great motivation – click here

Watters Performance training schedule / Frozen Watters session

“If you’re not where you want to be in life, it has nothing to do with the world. It has everything to do with the fact that you’ve not made the sacrifices or put in the work required to get there”
Frozen Watters notes
- Frozen Watters Adventure is on 2/21. Consider a mix of race / training session / sledding hills of death (snow or not) and other dumb stuff. More info here… Time to get your freak on  the first event of the new year, Frozen Watters Adventure on 2/21. Register asap, only taking 50 participants to this “sort of” race / training session / orgy of winter fun
 — atRochester Hills Police Department.
- Save the date, July 18th. Muddy Watters Trail Series “South”. Meaning in these parts vs. up North, for my geographically challenged followers
Watters Performance notes
- This week’s schedule is posted at jeffwatters.com. Please note a couple of schedule updates. I’m a single Dad until Wednesday

Watters Performance training schedule for this week 1/11

“If you think you suck, you suck. If you think you kick ass, you kick ass. Don’t think you suck”
Watters Performance notes
- this weeks schedule is posted at jeffwatters.com
- thanks to everyone the dropped off things for the South Oakland Shelter. I’m going to have to make two trips, which is a great, great thing
- Looking for some winter outdoor fun? I’ll be putting out some information on a Frozen Watters Training Session at Bloomer later this week (the info, not the event). In the meantime, check out a couple of things going on with our friends, Stay in the Shade…
Saturday, January 17th:  Ann Arbor 5 1/2 Mile Trail Run
First training run in Ann Arbor.  Course starts at Argo Canoe Livery and goes through Barton Nature Area, Bird Hills, and the Kuebler Langford trails.  No cost + we’ll bring water, snacks and coffee.

Saturday, January 31st:  Pontiac Lake 10 Mile Trail Run
Beautiful course, no cost, free refreshments!
Register before February 1st for only $20!
Email with questions!


You don’t need a piece of paper to write shit on so that you can remind yourself to do the things in 2015 that you neglected to do in 2014 even though you wrote THOSE down on a piece of paper too. Do the things every day that make you a better version of yourself. Not for anyone else, fuck everyone else. Do it for you. If you make yourself better for you, you’ll be better for them too. Make 2015 your bitch.

Motor City Bootcamp Training Schedule for the week of 12/28

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad choices in clothing”
Motor City Bootcamp notes
- This weeks schedule is posted at jeffwatters.com
- Post xmas fitness test & body composition testing this week
- Last few days for the “333” deal. 3 months of training, 3 days per week, 3 one on one sessions for $333. Meet 3 goals we set together and get 3 more weeks tacked on OR sign on before 1/1 for a 2fer (2 peeps for 1 cost). Must be for 1 or 3 months
- We’re collecting items for the South Oakland Shelter. Please take a look at the list on FB or scroll down below, and drop off any items you can. I’m going to drop them off this Friday