It’s Monday, Welcome Back to the Grind


Every Monday I’m going to be posting a routine for you to do. Try to knock this out 3 x a week, preferably avoiding back to back days. Do this for a month and see what happens.

Session for the week of 3/19

2 Mile “Fun” Run

1 mile run

each 1/4 mile do the following

  1. 20 squat jumps / 20 pushups / 20 situps
  2. 10 squat jumps / 10 pushups / 10 situps
  3. 5 squat jumps / 5 pushups / 5 situps

1 mile run

each 1/4 mile do the following

  1. 100 jumping jack squats / 100 mountain climbers
  2. 80 of each
  3. 60 of each
  4. 40 of each
  5. 20 of each

New Group Training Times for Spring


We’re adding a couple of training times to the schedule starting in mid March… But why should you train here?

  • Watters Performance has existed since 1994. I’ve been training newbies to world class athletes since then. The program has been one of the most covered programs in the midwest
  • Almost everything you see now, Crossfit, obstacle race training…etc, is some sort of derivative of what we’ve always done here. We just did it first
  • The program is geared towards athletic performance. Meaning that the process is the focus, not numbers on a scale. If you’re training the way you need to train to prepare for whatever event you’re preparing for, even if that event is the fitness test, the numbers will take care of themselves
  • The program is goal specific and encourages the group mentality – encouraging others will improve your performance as well. You’ll train with those that motivate you and you’ll be one who motivates someone else. We try to pick events (5k, 10k, adventure race, triathlon) every couple of months that you guys can train for and that we’ll do as a group. As a sponsored racer, I’ve made some great contacts with other race promoters over the years. Michigan has a great community of outdoor racing events. I’m a firm believer in the benefits of competing and completing a set goal. What better way to do that than to put yourself in the middle of others shooting for the same thing. You may be a first timer of a sponsored athlete, doesn’t matter. The goal is the same – to finish and finish strong in whatever event, workout, goal you’re in at at the time. That’s my focus, to get you there
  • Measured results are key. Body composition testing and performance testing via fitness tests are established ways that you’ll stay on track. You can’t cheat the grind
  • I don’t employ other trainers. I train all of my athletes and all of my groups. Control issues, maybe. Knowing I’m the best at what I do? Priceless
  • Want more? Check out this article from Ambassador about What we do
  • Group sizes are limited to 10 athletes per session. More coaching, more personal attention and more specialization to each specific group of athletes
  • Heavy focus on Boxing, boxing correctly. I’m a retired fighter and licensed coach with USA Boxing. I train clients the same way I train fighters, less the fighting…


*All training will take place Tuesday through Friday with Saturday being a performance / combined group day. The Saturday session will meet at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills or some other outdoor location. For specific meeting spots, go to 

5:30 am session will meet outdoors

9:15 am session will meet at Watters Performance in Ferndale but as the weather changes, some sessions will meet outside

5:30 pm sessions will meet at Watters Performance in Ferndale but as the weather changes, some sessions will meet outside

** To promote the new group times, I’ll add one month to the time you sign up for. Buy one month, get two. Buy 3 and get 4. You get the idea. Groups are limited to 10 and I’m filling them now. Sessions will begin on 3/8. First come, first serve

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