Curse of the Pkocmoto


It was about 45 minutes later that we knew we’d passed our exit. Upon realizing this we decided to pull off and take a couple of pot shots at the speed limit sign on the side of the road, just like you see them do in the movies. In most scenarios this would warrant a visit from a state trooper, but we were well out of range for any of their shenanigans. We unloaded that bitch, emptied the clip into it. This was a good thing heading into Indian land. Though the temptation to defend ourselves would still be there, we’d have no way of executing any plan that would necessitate a response from those savages once they decided they wanted to scalp us. So we went on…  Once there, I felt, we could somehow get this fucking curse lifted from the car. I doubt there’d be some way to drive it through the building, sort of a pseudo car wash for a medicine dance on a ’67 GTO. That being said, some sage and a few drops of holy water would probably do the trick. We must at all cost avoid giving explanations though. You can’t take on this task under the watchful eyes of those that think you’re abusing their rituals to benefit yourself in such a way to insult the history of those that came up with this crazy plan in the first place. So we drove in and stole everything at gunpoint. We knew they’d all live better knowing that they’d contributed to our master plan under the threat of death rather than doing so of their own free will. Without even knowing it, we were saving their lives during the process of trying to salvage our own and that of our 4 wheeled escort. The whole mess took less than 10 minutes and we were off again, chasing down that elusive tale. Only elusive to those seeking it. The seers always see last those things that they seek. What’s there for everyone else to see can’t be seen through their blinders. Finding the unfindable usually comes with certain expectations. Not the least of which is a complete and total disregard for any real moral fortitude until the job is done. Never underestimate the impact of rolling into town accompanied by the growl of one of Detroit’s finest machines, even if that beast has an agenda all its own.


4 Week “Bandit” Training Cycle

If you want to get back into the swing of things and start off the New Year with some effective TRAINING rather than “working out”, follow this for a month…
100 Jumping Jack Squats
100 Mountain Climbers
100 Scissor kicks
Jump Rope for 2 minutes
50 pushups
50 squat thrusts
50 downups
Jump Rope for 2 minutes
For week 1, do this 3 x per week (go through it one time during each workout)
For week 2, do this 3 x per week (go through the series 2 x during each workout)
For week 3, do this 3 x per week (go through the series 3 x during the 1st workout, 2 x during the second workout and 1 x during the final workout)