New Group Training Times for Spring


We’re adding a couple of training times to the schedule starting in mid March… But why should you train here?

  • Watters Performance has existed since 1994. I’ve been training newbies to world class athletes since then. The program has been one of the most covered programs in the midwest
  • Almost everything you see now, Crossfit, obstacle race training…etc, is some sort of derivative of what we’ve always done here. We just did it first
  • The program is geared towards athletic performance. Meaning that the process is the focus, not numbers on a scale. If you’re training the way you need to train to prepare for whatever event you’re preparing for, even if that event is the fitness test, the numbers will take care of themselves
  • The program is goal specific and encourages the group mentality – encouraging others will improve your performance as well. You’ll train with those that motivate you and you’ll be one who motivates someone else. We try to pick events (5k, 10k, adventure race, triathlon) every couple of months that you guys can train for and that we’ll do as a group. As a sponsored racer, I’ve made some great contacts with other race promoters over the years. Michigan has a great community of outdoor racing events. I’m a firm believer in the benefits of competing and completing a set goal. What better way to do that than to put yourself in the middle of others shooting for the same thing. You may be a first timer of a sponsored athlete, doesn’t matter. The goal is the same – to finish and finish strong in whatever event, workout, goal you’re in at at the time. That’s my focus, to get you there
  • Measured results are key. Body composition testing and performance testing via fitness tests are established ways that you’ll stay on track. You can’t cheat the grind
  • I don’t employ other trainers. I train all of my athletes and all of my groups. Control issues, maybe. Knowing I’m the best at what I do? Priceless
  • Want more? Check out this article from Ambassador about What we do
  • Group sizes are limited to 10 athletes per session. More coaching, more personal attention and more specialization to each specific group of athletes
  • Heavy focus on Boxing, boxing correctly. I’m a retired fighter and licensed coach with USA Boxing. I train clients the same way I train fighters, less the fighting…


*All training will take place Tuesday through Friday with Saturday being a performance / combined group day. The Saturday session will meet at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills or some other outdoor location. For specific meeting spots, go to 

5:30 am session will meet outdoors

9:15 am session will meet at Watters Performance in Ferndale but as the weather changes, some sessions will meet outside

5:30 pm sessions will meet at Watters Performance in Ferndale but as the weather changes, some sessions will meet outside

** To promote the new group times, I’ll add one month to the time you sign up for. Buy one month, get two. Buy 3 and get 4. You get the idea. Groups are limited to 10 and I’m filling them now. Sessions will begin on 3/8. First come, first serve

Outdoor Athlete Mach 2012 001


Muddy Watters Trail Series, race #1 (5/21/16)


What a great day to open up the season with. After more than a year off, I’m happy to say that MW#1 went off exactly how I’d hoped it would. The course was fast, wet and brutal. Only a few got lost, but the ones that did are the ones I expected to… xo. This was the first race that I went with a longer route and I looked at you guys as a sort of test group to see how the logistics would play out. Though I didn’t get to the 9 mile mark I was planning to, mostly due to my GPS taking a dump on me once I got to Bloomer, it was still a good course that I was proud of. In the 7 ish mile route, we managed to hit a bridge jump, collarbone hill ascent, sledding hills, open field, bushwhacking, marsh madness as well as a few exercises to open things up with. After the 175 mountain climbers and scissor kicks, we hit a 1.5 mile open road run (which sucked but no other way to get you out to the bridge) that allowed people to open up some leads. Following the bridge jump, everyone went back across the river near the waterfall and up the ridgeline into the park. If you got past the poison ivy and the bitchy lady with the dog in the trailer park, you bushwhacked your way for a while back into the marsh until you hit the trail and came back into the shelter for some water / dry shoes or whatever else. From there you guys hit the back trail into the interior of the park and over to collarbone hill, a fun little ascent. Upon coming down to meet up with the main trail, ran some scenic areas in the park and got to get back into the river about knee / waist deep to cool down and get some of that poison ivy off your legs. After a few hundred yards in the water we made our way back out to the main trail and up the sledding hill to make that last sprint to the finish.

My overall winner was Stephanie Bland, by over 3 minutes. She totally “bitched” Brennan Ryan (sorry man, your wife introduced me to the term) who came in first for the guys – along with his running buddy (and dog) Montana. Winners received a bunch of Moosejaw swag – New T’s, a sweet filtered water bottle and a $50 gift certificate. Our Easter Bunny Award when to Kathy Minns. The EB award went to the person with the most beautifully decorated egg post race. I should probably preface that by saying everyone had to carry an egg for the whole race and they were told to decorate it prior to the start. The person with the best egg, Kathy, won a gift certificate from Hanson’s Run Shop. Anyone else who finished the race with their egg in one piece will use that as leverage for a $10 discount on Muddy Watters #2 next month. Other prizes were donated by Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash. Dirty Digs activewear, Motor City Bootcamp, Ink Addict and Detroit Surf Co. Special thanks as well to the cook, my Dad, for the amazing quesadillas and brownies.

A special thank you goes out to our sponsors and supporters without whom you’d not be racing. Please give them your business. They’re local and they’re good people. I only use businesses that I use personally. I want to take a second to recognize the following…

  • The Legion of Gloom and Doom (don’t ask)
  • John Aurelia DDS (Rochester)
  • Eisbrenner PR
  • Eisbrenner Financial
  • Detroit Threads
  • Hanson’s Run Shop
  • Moosejaw Mountaineering
  • Detroit Surf Co.
  • Ink Addict
  • Yogurt Station (Pleasant Ridge)

Please support those that support us!


My Voice, NOT Theirs

In the follow up to my late night rant early this morning, here’s the updated (or revisited from 2006) gameplan…


Motor City Bootcamp

Strength and conditioning program to mimic the 7 week training camp format that I’d use with one of my professional athletes. Sessions will cover every aspect of strength and conditioning work and will include boxing and stair work as well. Sessions will meet at the Russell Industrial Center at Watters Performance, a private studio. Plan on both indoor and outdoor work. You’ll be tested on day 1 and again on the final day with a fitness test that I’ve designed. Programming will be ramped up weekly so that each week is progressively more difficult. It’s important that you commit the necessary time or you’ll fall behind. There will be morning, evening and weekend classes made available to you. You may come as often as you like but are STRONGLY encouraged to attend at least 3 x weekly. You are responsible for confirming your spot for each session or risk me not letting you train. The 8th week will be an “off week” where I’ll have found some type of local event that you’ll be encouraged to do. Event meaning some sort of race. If nothings available, I may set something up myself. Either way, the point is that you’re working towards an end result goal that has nothing to do with numbers on a scale. If shedding lbs is what you need, it’ll happen by training the way you’ll need to in order to complete your training. March 21st will start the new 7 week camp


Muddy Watters Trail Series

The races this season will be, as they were in year one before things became “tainted”, HARD and designed to challenge you to the point that you’ll want to quit. But that’s what’s great about the mind. You almost have to get to that point and push through it to feel as though you actually accomplished a damn thing. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it. I’m planning to have between 3 – 5 events this season. The first one will take place sometime in March. This event will be FREE. You’ll be asked to make a donation that’ll go towards getting things together for the rest of the upcoming season like permits, prizes and other race related expenses. These events will go back to being low cost, high adventure events in which only local sponsors or sponsors whose products I actually use will be linked to the event. I don’t want to mix and match different distances for different levels. All events won’t be the same distance or even format but, on race day, everyone will do the exact same course. Men, Women, Kids, Dogs, Seniors… whoever the hell else. Plan to knock out between 5 – 9 miles, depending on the event. They will be on TRAILS, RIVERS, STAIRS, HILLS, DRAIN TUNNELS and other weird stuff that you’ll think was a joke until you show up and run into it on race day. I’ll continue to have great swag, great shirts, great prizes and great food. Best of all? I’ll have great course design. I prided myself on putting together unique and challenging courses. I’d go as far as to say some of the best in the entire midwest. Each race will be different and have it’s own unique features and distance. They’ll all suck, in a good way. One thing I try to emphasize is not only getting you WAY out of your comfort zone but to have you do some things that you’d not do or come up with on your own. Things you may even surprise yourself you did at all. Peer pressure can be a bitch… All races, regardless of length, will be charged at $35 per person. Obviously doesn’t apply to Frozen Watters next month. Please have the ability to swim and not be a bitch. If you’ve not done my events before, you’ll see very few (if any) volunteers on the course. No water stations – you’re encouraged to bring a filter and drink from the river if you’re that thirsts. No blow up walls or other gimmicky obstacles. You’ll be traversing plenty of things that are already there. I handle all aspects of the event myself. I don’t use a marketing group or anyone else for course design. The same goes for the shirts and prizes… all me and my choosing. If you’ve got a bitch, bring it me. 015Totally organic event that’s totally supported AND supports local small biz. Group discounts, early registration discount (maybe) and Military / Police / Fire discounts are available. All of the events will be capped at a MAX of 300 racers. Those that have been waiting for a return to our glory days…  I’m back. Let’s get your ass kicking on like it’s 2006! Those new, come out to the March event and get a taste of what I’ve been doing for 10 years. Finally back at the starting point – looking to see some familiar faces this season, even if you’re crying like a little bitch when I see you.

Information on Frozen Watters will be out this weekend. The entire 2016 schedule will be announced by the end of next week. Follow me on twitter ( or at for race updates and training programming


Your Voice or Theirs

I woke up one day and I didn’t recognize my life anymore. I mean, I was still doing my thing. Same gig with work, same interests for the most part. That was all still there. But it felt like work and everything else felt boring. Let me back up…

I was living in East Lansing and read an article about Mark Thatcher, the guy that “invented” the Teva sandals that everyone wore in the mid 90’s. He was asked for his thoughts on the best advice for a happy life and his response was “Find something you love to do, then find a way to get paid doing it”. I had that. Not sure how I did but I wound up having it. I had a program that I believed in and I ran it exactly the way I wanted to. I had a race series that I loved. I loved it because I didn’t model it after anything else that anyone out there was already doing. I basically created my own markets. Because I had no big sponsors to answer to, I was able to do things the way I wanted to and I loved it. All of it. Every aspect of Motor City Bootcamp and every aspect of Muddy Watters Trail Series. One day I’d realized that something had happened. It wasn’t some big change that happened overnight, but rather so many small things that added up over the years. I began to make small changes here and there to accommodate people. Make the race a little shorter. Add some exercise at bootcamp to do for the people that couldn’t do what I’d laid out for the programming that day. I let too many outside people’s voices get into my ear and into my head about making tweaks in things that were very specific to how I’d envisioned them to be. It’s a slippery slope and once you make that first significant change, all the other people start to chime in like vultures. Everyone’s got a better way to do it. I wound up trying to accommodate too many people. When I did, I wound up with a product that had way too much of an influence from others. Clients, friends, peers, even my wife. I no longer felt that I had my own individual thing anymore. As selfish as it sounds, the more focused I was on exactly what I wanted it to be was when it was not only the most fulfilling, but also the most successful. I don’t mean successful in terms of finances. Success to me is waking up excited to “work”. I was awake before my alarm on MCB training days. I was at Bloomer the week before the race taking people on “pre runs” because I was so excited to give them a preview of my latest creation. These were MY things and mine alone. I was fortunate to have found a way to share MY things with others and to have it be something that was of value to them. I was being paid to do something I loved, which was what I wanted all along. When I slowly lost that, I began hating my job and hating my races. Last year was the first year that I didn’t host a single event. I thought about folding up shop altogether. I found myself feeling depressed and unable to do anything about it. Which was ridiculous because all of it was my creation. I got away from doing things the way I wanted to do them. Over the course of these last few years of trying to make too many people happy with a product that I no longer saw as my own vision anymore, I’ve gotten back to square one. Having been able to shut down the voices around me either through divorce (from many people and many things), literally and figuratively, and the return of my own stubbornness and the return of a hunger that had been missing for a long time, I feel like my eyes have opened up again to see the same things they saw when I first decided to rule the world. It’s amazing how easy it is to make things so hard. But it’s even easier to go back to the original masterpiece in your head once you can shut it down for a while and reemerge victorious.

All that shit being said, I’m excited to return back to my roots for the 2016 Muddy Watters Trail Series. I’m going back to how we did it year 1, no holds barred. It’s not about setting up something that everyone can do. I don’t want everyone to be ok with it. I want it to be hard and I want you to suffer. That’s the point and that’s ok. Motor City Bootcamp, I’m excited to see you again my friend. I don’t care if it’s more convenient to have an ongoing program  month in and month out. I don’t care if you don’t want to go where the session is held that day because it’s too cold or too far or too… whatever. The sessions were started as group training to simulate a sport specific training camp, 7 weeks on and 1 week off. The weeks were gradually ramped up, each week building on the week before. If you can’t start on day one, wait until the next session. I’m not going to prorate the program to accommodate when it works with your schedule to start your participation in my program.

It’s too easy to listen to the side noise that’s in your ears. Especially when they convince you that their suggestions will make things work more smoothly or attract more people. You’ve got to remind yourself that, if you’re doing it the right way, you won’t need to make an effort to attract anyone at all. Your efforts should be spent on doing whatever you need to do to keep pushing your vision forward, otherwise you’re just working to push someone else’s idea. That’s why I left school in the first place, so I could work for my vision. Not someone else’s.

It feels good to see again.

Watters Performance training notes / Muddy Watters important dates

“Champions are made when no one is watching”
Watters Performance notes
– This weeks schedule is posted, confirm your spots.
– Come prepared for some running at 530 am Monday
– Enter through the front door from now til spring and BRING DRY SHOES or you’ll have to train without any
Muddy Watters important dates
– The Frozen Watters Saturday is coming up on 2/21. Part race and part long training session. Come out and have some winter fun. Tears don’t look as bad in the cold
– The Muddy Watters Trail Race (south) will take place on July 18th. Registration will open this week. This will be the only one to take place in Southeast MI, so get your shit together and sign up

Watters Performance training schedule / Frozen Watters session

“If you’re not where you want to be in life, it has nothing to do with the world. It has everything to do with the fact that you’ve not made the sacrifices or put in the work required to get there”
Frozen Watters notes
– Frozen Watters Adventure is on 2/21. Consider a mix of race / training session / sledding hills of death (snow or not) and other dumb stuff. More info here… Time to get your freak on  the first event of the new year, Frozen Watters Adventure on 2/21. Register asap, only taking 50 participants to this “sort of” race / training session / orgy of winter fun
 — atRochester Hills Police Department.
Save the date, July 18th. Muddy Watters Trail Series “South”. Meaning in these parts vs. up North, for my geographically challenged followers
Watters Performance notes
– This week’s schedule is posted at Please note a couple of schedule updates. I’m a single Dad until Wednesday