March 31st Training – The Finale


You’ve had 4 days off, hopefully most of you did some running or other activity in the meantime. Here’s how we finish this off…

  • Pushups / Squat Jumps / Mountain Climbers / Downups
  • 100 of each / 80 of each / 60 of each / 40 of each / 20 of each
  • Rest whenever you need to. THIS WILL NOT BE SHORT

March 19th Training


10 Minutes of Pushups

Every minute on the minute do the following

  • 10 pushups at minute 1
  • 9 pushups at minute 2
  • …until doing a single push ups on your last set. You rest with whatever time you have left after your set. In other words, if you do 10 pushups in 20 seconds, you have 40 seconds to rest before doing your next set