4 Week “Bandit” Training Cycle

If you want to get back into the swing of things and start off the New Year with some effective TRAINING rather than “working out”, follow this for a month…
100 Jumping Jack Squats
100 Mountain Climbers
100 Scissor kicks
Jump Rope for 2 minutes
50 pushups
50 squat thrusts
50 downups
Jump Rope for 2 minutes
For week 1, do this 3 x per week (go through it one time during each workout)
For week 2, do this 3 x per week (go through the series 2 x during each workout)
For week 3, do this 3 x per week (go through the series 3 x during the 1st workout, 2 x during the second workout and 1 x during the final workout)

Monday Bandit Training 7/31


Get better this week than you were last week. Start by doing the following…

  • Walk 1 minute, jog 1 minute. Repeat for 5 – 10 sets
  • Do as many downups as you can in 1 minute, keep count
  • Whatever your number of downups, x by 2 and do that many lunge walk strides
  • Immediately following the lunge walk, complete the same number of downups that you’d done above, with no time limit

Bandit Training 7/10

Monday Funday…

It’s Summer, get to a local HS track near your home and do the following –

  • Run 1/4 mile
  • at 1/4 mile, stop and do 10 downups, 10 leverage pushups and 10 sit ups
  • Do this at every 1/4 mile for your first mile
  • Once you’ve done this 4 x (1/4 x 4 is a mile – just sayin’) start over but do 8 of everything at each 1/4 mile
  • Try to work this all the way down to sets of 6, 4 and 2. If you do, you’ll have run 5 miles. If you’re unable to finish the entire thing, keep track of where you stopped and pick up from that point later in the week when you go to do it again. Track how many workouts it takes for you to build up the stamina to complete the series

Monday Bandit Training 5/15

3 x this week do the following…

– Get to a local HS track where you can get onto the football field

– Run hard to the 50 yard line and do 10 burpees before back peddling ┬áback to the goal line

– Run to the 40 and do 15 burpees and back peddle to the goal line

– Then to the 30 for 20, the 20 for 25 and the 10 for 30

– Time this. Try to get faster each workout this week


Monday Funday 5/1/17


  • It’s raining… so what. Go to a track and run 1/4 mile (once around for all you special people)
  • Stop at 1/4 mile and do 20 downups / 20 leverage pushups / 20 situps
  • Run another 1/4 mile and do 15 of each
  • Run another 1/4 miles and do 10 of each
  • Run a final 1/4 mile and do 5… just kidding, do 20 again. Don’t be soft! You can’t cheat the grind!