Monday Bandit Training 5/15

3 x this week do the following…

– Get to a local HS track where you can get onto the football field

– Run hard to the 50 yard line and do 10 burpees before back peddling ┬áback to the goal line

– Run to the 40 and do 15 burpees and back peddle to the goal line

– Then to the 30 for 20, the 20 for 25 and the 10 for 30

– Time this. Try to get faster each workout this week


Monday Funday 5/1/17


  • It’s raining… so what. Go to a track and run 1/4 mile (once around for all you special people)
  • Stop at 1/4 mile and do 20 downups / 20 leverage pushups / 20 situps
  • Run another 1/4 mile and do 15 of each
  • Run another 1/4 miles and do 10 of each
  • Run a final 1/4 mile and do 5… just kidding, do 20 again. Don’t be soft! You can’t cheat the grind!

Bandit Session 1/8/17


For Monday

  • How many pushups can you do in a minute? If you can’t do at least 10 real ones, do what you can from the knees
  • However many pushups you did, use that # for the amount of downups you’ll do
  • Rest only 15 seconds and do 1 less downup than the previous set
  • Repeat this cycle until you get down to 1 downup
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • Do as many downups as you can do in one minute
  • Use THAT as your number for modified pushups
  • Rest 30 seconds and repeat, doing 1 less pushup each set until you get to 1

Have fun with this one bitches…