Strength Training for Weight Loss


I just finished a 10 week one on one training program with a couple that was looking to drop some quick weight for a wedding. We met and trained together just once per week during that time. On the other days, they diligently followed the “homework” they were given. At the end of the 10 weeks, she’d lost 37 lbs. He lost 28.

I want to get 4-5 people that are looking to lose between 20-40 lbs to participate in the same program but in a group setting. The sessions will meet one evening per week in Ferndale. You’ll be given homework to do on your own, no more than a 40 minute commitment on the homework. You’ll be given an eating plan to follow as well. You can be dropped from the program at any time if you’re not following the guidelines. Meeting time will either be W or Th night, depending on what works best for the participants. This program will start in three weeks. If you’re interested, contact me asap. First 5 are in. Cost is 250 for the program in it’s entirety. The training will consist of strength training (think kettlebell/dumbbell lifts) and boxing. These aren’t typically methods associated with weight loss, but you’ll soon see that’s not the case.




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