Muddy Watters Trail Series, race #1 (5/21/16)


What a great day to open up the season with. After more than a year off, I’m happy to say that MW#1 went off exactly how I’d hoped it would. The course was fast, wet and brutal. Only a few got lost, but the ones that did are the ones I expected to… xo. This was the first race that I went with a longer route and I looked at you guys as a sort of test group to see how the logistics would play out. Though I didn’t get to the 9 mile mark I was planning to, mostly due to my GPS taking a dump on me once I got to Bloomer, it was still a good course that I was proud of. In the 7 ish mile route, we managed to hit a bridge jump, collarbone hill ascent, sledding hills, open field, bushwhacking, marsh madness as well as a few exercises to open things up with. After the 175 mountain climbers and scissor kicks, we hit a 1.5 mile open road run (which sucked but no other way to get you out to the bridge) that allowed people to open up some leads. Following the bridge jump, everyone went back across the river near the waterfall and up the ridgeline into the park. If you got past the poison ivy and the bitchy lady with the dog in the trailer park, you bushwhacked your way for a while back into the marsh until you hit the trail and came back into the shelter for some water / dry shoes or whatever else. From there you guys hit the back trail into the interior of the park and over to collarbone hill, a fun little ascent. Upon coming down to meet up with the main trail, ran some scenic areas in the park and got to get back into the river about knee / waist deep to cool down and get some of that poison ivy off your legs. After a few hundred yards in the water we made our way back out to the main trail and up the sledding hill to make that last sprint to the finish.

My overall winner was Stephanie Bland, by over 3 minutes. She totally “bitched” Brennan Ryan (sorry man, your wife introduced me to the term) who came in first for the guys – along with his running buddy (and dog) Montana. Winners received a bunch of Moosejaw swag – New T’s, a sweet filtered water bottle and a $50 gift certificate. Our Easter Bunny Award when to Kathy Minns. The EB award went to the person with the most beautifully decorated egg post race. I should probably preface that by saying everyone had to carry an egg for the whole race and they were told to decorate it prior to the start. The person with the best egg, Kathy, won a gift certificate from Hanson’s Run Shop. Anyone else who finished the race with their egg in one piece will use that as leverage for a $10 discount on Muddy Watters #2 next month. Other prizes were donated by Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash. Dirty Digs activewear, Motor City Bootcamp, Ink Addict and Detroit Surf Co. Special thanks as well to the cook, my Dad, for the amazing quesadillas and brownies.

A special thank you goes out to our sponsors and supporters without whom you’d not be racing. Please give them your business. They’re local and they’re good people. I only use businesses that I use personally. I want to take a second to recognize the following…

  • The Legion of Gloom and Doom (don’t ask)
  • John Aurelia DDS (Rochester)
  • Eisbrenner PR
  • Eisbrenner Financial
  • Detroit Threads
  • Hanson’s Run Shop
  • Moosejaw Mountaineering
  • Detroit Surf Co.
  • Ink Addict
  • Yogurt Station (Pleasant Ridge)

Please support those that support us!



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