March 14th Training


So, we’ve done the front crawl. Here’s the crab walk or rear crawl. Ass facing the ground, on your hands and feet, moving forward feet first. A good rule of thumb on both the front and rear crawl is that whatever body parts are facing the ground are the primary ones that are being worked. That being said, the rear crawl will be working your triceps, back, ass, hamstrings and calves.

  • Rear crawl for 20 strides
  • Stand up and do 20 drop lunges (jump up in the air and land in a lunge position, going about 1/2 way to the ground. jump up in the air and switch leg positions while in the air. Each side is 1 rep, so do 20 and not 40)
  • Rear crawl for 18 strides
  • Drop lunge x 20
  • Keep going down by 2 for the rear crawl with lunges between each set. The lunges will stay at 20
  • Once you finish your 2 rear crawl and 20 drop lunge set, set a timer and do the following
  • for 5 minutes, do 40 bicycle crunches on the minute. Whatever time you have left before the top of the next minute is your rest time. The quicker you finish your set, the more rest you get

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