31 Days and 7 Weeks

31 (32) Days

Starting on March 1st (actually February 29th), I’ll be designing a day by day training program for those of you involved, or wanting to be involved, in some type of sport specific training program. You may be training for an event or in the middle of your off season from whatever sport you play or compete in. This program will be somewhat progressive but it’ll also be setup with the assumption that you’ve got a good base established already. It’ll be helpful if you’ve trained with me, some of the terminology may be foreign. But feel free to ask. Keep in mind that this will be 31 straight days, no rest days. If you commit, then COMMIT for real. Feedback will be helpful and greatly appreciated. In exchange for the free programming, I’m hoping that some of you may keep track of your training in one way or another and share it on the Watters Performance Facebook page. My promise to you is that, those of you who complete the entire 32 days will be in better shape than you’ve been in a really long time. You’ll be amazed at how much you can change – mentally and physically – in one month. You’ll be stronger, leaner and more mentally acute than what you expected to be. Believe it or not, at the end of March, you’ll actually want more. Complete this in it’s entirety and I’ll give it to you. What that means isn’t important right now. Just get ready to start what should be one of the most rewarding months of your life – no bullshit. If you do this right and but into it, that’s what it’ll be


7 Weeks

Though it’s taken a little more than 7 weeks to get back to preaching my own philosophy on training in a new location, I’m finally there. Motor City Bootcamp will lead its first 7 week training camp from Detroit, at the Russell Industrial Center, starting March 21st. There will be 6 training sessions offered per week. Athletes will be able to attend all of them. There’s an opportunity to do a two a day each week, deliberately worked into the schedule. You’re encouraged to participate in AT LEAST 3 training sessions per week but you MUST participate in no less than 2 to remain in the program. Some of the training will be outdoors and some indoors. Athletes will box, life, run and everything else I put into the program. Each week will be progressive, as in each week will be tougher than the next, thus why consistency is important. Private online programs will be set up and password protected for training camp participants only. You’ll be tested the first and last day of camp. There’s going to be an end of training camp goal that has yet to be determined. Most likely a race of some sort on the weekend of week 8. Regardless of your goal – to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight or don’t even care about weight because you’re training for something else…  You’ll be given calorie intake guidelines based on your body fat percentage and fitness test score. This will be included in the cost of training. As will your Motor City Bootcamp swag. Cost for the 8 week (7 on and 1 recovery) camp is $325. My group will be limited to 10 athletes on a first come first serve basis. The first two spots are already taken, so get on it. If you’d like to read about the program, check out this article from Ambassador Magazine 


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