When You Hate What You Love

If you’re sensitive to strong language, stop now. So, here’s my rant for the day…  Those of you close to me know that I’ve been working with a local pro fighter, helping him to get ready for his fight on June 20th in Las Vegas on the Porter / Broner undercard by handling his strength and conditioning work during the 16 week training camp. Though we should be in Las Vegas right now making last minute preparations and getting ready for weigh in, here I am writing this at my office in Ferndale. Why? Because boxing, one of the things I’m most passionate about in life, is FUCKED. He was notified less than 4 days before the fight that they were reniggin on the contract because someone new at the Nevada State Athletic Commission decided that it was not a fair matchup. His opponent was to be a 7-0 fighter, one of the guys with Mayweather Promotions (this is important to note) that I’m not sure I can name as of now. My guy has a record of 10-8. He’s 3-0 after coming back from a 2-3 year layoff this past year. Even though I just watched a fight in which one of the fighters was 11-19 and fought a guy that was 26-2. Happens all the time. But, evidently 10-8 vs 7-0 is such an unfair matchup that Mayweather Promotions has opted to ditch that contract (and try to get out of paying him) and have their guy fight someone making their pro debut. Meaning he’s 0 – 0. Much more ethical. Other than the obvious, like cutting the fight off last minute after his family, friends and team have paid for air and hotel stay – and not making any effort to allow people to recoup their money. Shit, they don’t even want to pay him what he was contracted to be paid. This man has worked as hard as any athlete I’ve ever worked with. He trained right, he ate right, he made weight, he passed physicals and he passed drug tests. Only to be told he couldn’t fight because these pieces of shit decided to protect their fighters unblemished record. Yes, that’s why there’s no fight. Mayweather promotions realized that this guy didn’t train like a 10-8 fighter. He trained like a world champ. He trained like he should have been on one of those 24/7 series that feature guys with unlimited funds to train around the clock. This guy did it as a working kid, busting his ass to make time to get the work in. He sparred with world beaters, the best in the city. And make no mistake, the beasts that are here in Detroit right now around various gyms in the city like Coleman Young, World’s Best, Downtown Boxing, Kronk and anyone I may have missed, are some of the best in the country – if not the world. His sparring partners are better than most guys he’d ever fight. He trained his ass off with the best boxing specific strength and conditioning coach in the country, ME, 3-6 days per week and did absolutely everything I asked of him without complaining once. Never missed a session. All the while having to train other fighters, be a husband and a father. That’s what Mayweather Promotions didn’t count on. When they did some last minute research, and realized what they had done, they called in someone to get them out of the fight with no qualms about it whatsoever. That’s why boxing is losing fans. It’s bullshit that people are so protected that most try to avoid fair competition at all cost until there’s enough money on the table to warrant it. So now this guys 7-0 record is in tact, and will probable end up 8-0 after fighting a “very game” fighter that they were so inclined to give a chance to. While the guy that deserves to be fighting and deserves to get a chance gets fucked in the ass and has no choice but to take it. But you know where he’ll be next week? Back in the gym, back doing the same shit he’s been doing for the last several months waiting for another call and hoping that whoever makes it either has some integrity or hasn’t done their research and books the fight just on records.038


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