Watters Performance training schedule for this week 2/15

“If you’re afraid to try, it’s probably worth it”
Watters Performance training notes
– This weeks schedule is posted. Who’s up for a Bloomer session this Saturday? Some trail running, endurance work, pushups and other sh*t? I need to know asap and I’ll get you the details
– Monday am is a gut check session. Who’s going to show? Confirm a spot tonight for the Peabody Deck session. Meet on the roof and DRESS WARM, supposed to be about -8. You’ll stay warm…
– Anyone looking for some good boxing gloves for the studio sessions, but these TODAY because they won’t have them for long. $50 on clearance for $15 http://store.titleboxing.com/title-classic-aero-boxing-gloves.html
– As with all other winter weeks, wear spare shoes so you can leave the wet ones at the FRONT door when you get here. Thanks…
– Confirm, confirm, confirm you training sessions times!
– Here’s a little treat, great video

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