Watters Performance training schedule for the week of 1/25

“Holding a grudge is like letting someone live in your head rent free”
MCB (soon to just be Watters Performance) notes
– starting on Monday, you may notice that all pages and correspondence will be titled Watters Performance and not Motor City Bootcamp. Don’t fret. Through a natural progression of things, I’d rather the name reflect what we’re doing now more so than how what we were doing when we started out, way back in 1995 as one of the first “bootcamp” programs in the Midwest. Though we stay true to our roots with various outdoor sessions, we’ve evolved to focus more on performance result oriented training. And I wanted the name to reflect that. I’m also sick of getting lumped into so many other “bootcamp” program hacks that seem to be everywhere. Just saying…  We’ll have some sweet new gear popping up soon too. I’ll keep you posted.
– This week’s schedule is posted at jeffwatters.com. Note Tuesday am’s location update
– Looking for some winter activity? Check out the adventure race information below…
Registration now open at www.miadventurerace.com (http://miadventurerace.com/silver-lake/race-information/)

5 hours with bonus Amazing Race challenges (paddleboarding, sandboarding and hopefully a monster waterslide) or…

8 hours with more advanced terrain and no Amazing Race challenges

* Just over one hour from Grand Rapids; great camping at Silver Lake State Park and other nearby resorts (see website)
* A great mix of dune (mostly hard-packed) and forest orienteering
* Beginner to intermediate mountain biking
* Scenic paddling but not too long (rental including with 5 hour race)
* Crazy challenges for the 5-hour racers. Check out the giant waterslide (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkTZNOqqoDE)  we hope to build on the dunes.
* Tech shirt and Silver Lake Pizza Factory pizza
* 2-person or solo
* Limited number of rental canoes and kayaks for the 8-hour race so sign up soon (http://miadventurerace.com/silver-lake/race-information/) if you need one
* Sponsors: Gazelle Sports, West Michigan Bike & Fitness, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus, Let Us Inc., Wave Club Watersport Rentals, Silver Lake Pizza Factory

And in case you missed it…

** Michigan Adventure Race: Winter Edition

February 7, 2015
Camp Roger, Rockford
– great motivation – click here

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