Motor City Bootcamp training notes for the week of 12/7

Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.

MCB Notes

– This weeks schedule is posted. Please note a couple of schedule updates later in the week, and please confirm your spots for this week’s training sessions

– Doing a special program that you may have seen on the FB page, crazy 3’s. It’s 3 months of small group training, 3 sessions per week, 3 one on one sessions for $333. We’ll set a very specific goal to meet. If we meet it, you get another 3 months at no cost. You can start at any time in December, January or February. But you need to contact me this week

– If you’re going to be in Ferndale, come in for a body fat test. For a $10 donation, you’ll get a digital body fat test and a calorie breakdown to go with it. Your calorie intake should ALWAYS be based on your body fat percentage and lean body weight. You CANNOT GET AN ACCURATE CALORIE INTAKE PROGRAM WITHOUT KNOWING THOSE NUMBERS, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR TRAINER OR MAGAZINE TELL YOU. I also give you a short, easy to follow routine you can do one your own that’ll help you get the ball rolling or keep it rolling if you’re already doing something. Lastly, you’ll get a free group training session to be used at some point this month. Plan to give me about 10 minutes. By appt only

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