Motor City Bootcamp / Muddy Watters notes for this week 11/30



“I don’t want to live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive”
MCB Notes
– This week’s schedule is posted. Please confirm your spots
–  21 training sessions in 24 days, starting tomorrow… who can do it?
– I’m going to be setting up a North / South training schedule for the winter that will include some dates at both Bloomer (North) and Detroit (South). These will be weekend training sessions. Watch for the signup information to be posted this week
– Last day for donkey kicks. Who did their 7500? Post that shit on the FB page
Muddy Watters Notes
– Here’s your teaser…  One day, larger and more open location, steeper hills, deeper water, nastier swamps and less deputies. In? Plan is one weekend only. 1 long race, 1 shorter race and once chance to run them both.
– Playing with the idea of a destination event, meaning up north in the Gaylord area. Just sayin’
– Information on early signup and dates will be coming soon. Want to train? Planning a couple of “pop up” training days. Was driving home from up north and kept admiring the backside of the ski slopes at Mt Holly. I’m thinking of a way to meet up in the quarry surrounding the area and bandit that bitch… stay tuned

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