This Weeks Training Notes 11/9

“The hero is just as scared as the coward but it’s what the hero does that makes him a hero and what the coward doesn’t do that makes him a coward”


– tomorrow’s 5:30 AM session will take place at the studio. I’m not sure the schedule will reflect it in time but please confirm your spot anyway.

– the schedule will also reflect some updates for later this week, we’ll be gone th – sn, so make sure to have a look later tonight or tomorrow at some point. Rest assured that you’re still be training with plenty to do. Either way, check back later tonight for an updated schedule.

– how are those donkey kicks coming along for those of you that chose to bite off that challenge? I should be able to tell who’s doing it by some sore asses in class this week.

– I’m looking to start back up with our “Get in the Ring” program in the very near future. It’s our kids program that will meet once a week at the studio. If there’s an interest, please contact me asap. There’s limited space available for me to use.

– Kudos Jackie, Robin and Rich for paying at Mustache Dash. Especially for Rich, who did his best impersonation of Pablo Escobar. Let me know about the events you guys are doing so I can give a shout out to you!

– I’ve got another discount coming up from one of our sponsors. It’s going to be a holiday discount on anything in the store. Good stuff, if you’re into mountaineering / hiking gear… oops. Want the discount? The only way to get it is to follow me on twitter and wordpress. Dig the links below.

– Great motivational video, you know I dig this stuff

248 320 5705


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