Seriously? My skateboard?

Once again, I unknowingly participated in the “pepsi challenge” of skateboards. It was a Tuesday night, unseasonably warm while I was at the studio with a client. I often times prop open the front door when it’s nice out, get some fresh air to knock down the smell of all the whining people are doing as they lay dying on the floor. I keep my two favorite longboards on the wall up front, right by the front door that opens up to Woodward. I came up to shut the door while getting ready to head home for the night only to find that some fucktard had walked in the front door and taken my Detroit Surf Co. longboard off the wall. This isn’t the first time that it’s happened. My bad for trusting it wouldn’t happen again. The odd part is that both times that it’s happened, the thieves had a choice between my Sector 9 board and my Detroit Surf Co. board. Both times they took the Detroit Surf Co. board, which was actually much less $$ to purchase. The moral of the story, other than having to keep your front door closed at all times even when your business is the same neighborhood you live in and grew up in, is that 2 out of 2 board thieves prefer Detroit Surf Co. to Sector 9. So check them out. And, if I ever find you – fucker that stole my board, I swear on my kids that I’ll take the board and beat you with it so badly that they’ll need dental records to identify you.


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