Went to Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills for some family time today. Perfect day that it was, had everyone else coming out too. It was so busy that the line actually wrapped around the parking lot. Parking was obviously an issue. The main lot, lot across the street at Yates Roadside Park as well as the two paid lots down the road were all full. Rather than sit in the car for 30 minutes, easily, I parked on the north side of Avon off  on the shoulder that runs along the roadside parking lot. I was a good 10 feet away from the road. Got a $40 ticket, thanks asshole. Best part is that I got if from the Oakland County Deputy that had been parked on the shoulder on the other side of Avon. But he was parked about 3 feet out into the lane so that anyone that went around him had to cross into the oncoming lane for a couple of seconds. Told him I was there with three young kids and had been driving around looking for parking for a good 10-15 minutes but it didn’t seem to matter. The law is the law. Obviously I was illegally parked, but come on man, are you fucking serious? I”m there to spend money and have family time with my wife and kids. Deal with the people speeding by and J walking, or maybe the people drinking beer in the roadside park about 20 yards from where I parked. That would have required more work, more distance that he’d have to walk his fat ass. As would the water front, had he walked slightly farther, where he would have found at least 5 people sitting in the “environmentally protected area” that was actually fenced off. But I think I’ve figured it out, and I’d like to share it with anyone reading this so that you don’t get the same $40 ticket I did. If you take your open beer can and run really fast across Avon, avoiding the actual cross walk at all cost, hop the fence into the environmentally protected area and plop your fat ass down and smoke your cigarettes and drink some beer (and probably leave the empties there), it’s totally cool. As long as when you leave, you leave in a car that was parked in the correct spot.


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