Motor City Bootcamp notes for 9/7


“Luck is the last dying wish for those that think winning can happen by accident. Sweat, on the other hand, is for those that know it’s a choice”
Special notes
– Brennan Ryan, you are a GOD… knocked out the Woodstock 100 mile ultra run (alone) this past weekend. You and Dan Omans are my heroes. But Dan’s been my hero longer because he ran it last year. I was going to run it too, but my vagina was sore. (for all of those that were annoyed by my vagina comment last week)
– Lauren DeHart, who married that dude that knocked her up. Congrats to finally making it a respectable relationship. JOKING! We had fun – thank you for the invite
Motor City Bootcamp notes
– This weeks training schedule can be found on the site
– What about a noon burst/boxing session on W and F? We’ll pick up the boxing for those that want to get in some mitts and sparring. For those that want to train in a more conventional way, I’ll have that going on too. In other words, if you don’t want to box… don’t. It’ll be like any other burst session we do. Give me some feedback
– will be going through some major updates over the next couple of weeks. Please excuse the “noise”

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