Muddy Watters schedule / Muddy Watters #2 review



“There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going”
MCB notes
– this weeks schedule is posted on the site – gym week!
– did I say gym week?
Muddy Watters notes
– Muddy Watters #2 kicked ass. Everyone that came out was awesome. What better way to decide a three way tie than a sudden death match of rock, scissors, paper. Matt Vestrand, good shit my man. For the ladies, Saleta McMurray took it. I’m not sure on any of the accurate times since I don’t think anyone ran the complete route without getting lost at some point.
– I’ll have a final race recap later in the week.
– We introduced a couple of new local sponsors. Check out Detroit Surf Co and Ink Addict. I know both owners personally and these guys are kick ass. Ink Addict in Ferndale is hands down the coolest building I’ve ever been in. Check them out…




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