Muddy Watters #1 and #2 Combined



“Speak softly and carry a big stick? I say speak VERY loudly and carry a baseball bat, you’ll get more peoples attention”
Muddy Watters Trail Series
– Pains me to do this but, due to really crappy numbers and no desire to dip into my savings to put on an event, I’m going to cancel this Saturdays race. It’s going to be combined with Muddy Watters #2 on July 12th. So if you’ve paid for this weekend, you’re good to race #2. If not, contact me to figure out other options. I apologize to everyone, we’ve never had to cancel one of the MW races – not really sure what’s going on but I’m hoping it’s a fluke. Maybe we need blow up walls and beer tents? I hope not, because if that’s the case, I’ll be long gone. I’m looking forward to continuing to host local high quality, SMALL events that are HARD, CHALLENGING and REWARDING for those that choose to come and take an ass kicking. I refuse to make this an over marketed corporate event with the sole purpose of pushing as many bodies through as possible, so I hope that’s not what everyone is looking for. Thanks for the continued support and, once more, apologies for any inconvenience. I look forward to seeing everyone on 7/12.
– ALSO – Don’t forget that Diamonds & Dirt Women’s Trail Run is happening on 6/29. Contact me for a registration discount code.



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