Motor City Bootcamp / Muddy Watters notes for 6/1




“I failed” is 10 x better than “what if”, because “what if” never showed up to the fight
Motor City Bootcamp notes
– This weeks schedule is posted at (bring boxing gloves on Friday)
– 6/2 is the start of a new 4 week session. If you’ve been thinking about checking out our gig, now’s a great time to do it. Expecting to see a couple of old faces in the crowd – should they stick to their commitment
– MCB is going to start “sponsoring” someone each session. If you think you’ve got a good story as to why we should let you come in and train, on our dime, give it to me. Catch is that you have to commit to being here 3 x per week. This is for 5:30 am session only and this isn’t some gimmick. You won’t pay. Has to be someone new and someone motivated. Your current physical fitness level is irrelevant
Muddy Watters Trail Series notes
– Not much time now. This is going to be EPIC and you need to get your a$$ over to Bloomer to check it out. This isn’t going to be a big one, cap is small. Meaning more ridiculousness for YOU to get into
– Going to offer 10 spots at a pretty harsh discount. Catch is that you’ve got to follow me on Twitter, get the address below. Once you do, contact me and I’ll give you the discount code.
– Make up date for Diamonds & Dirt will be announced this week, watch for the notice via twitter and FB



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