I Can’t Believe They Just Did That…


…they (MSP I think? Since I believe that DPD no longer patrols Belle Isle) pulled over and wrote a ticket to a driver for speeding! WTF is this world coming to? I mean, we should be allowed to drive as fast as we want without expecting to get a ticket. And, should we happen to get pulled over, we should NEVER expect to get a ticket for it. Right?

I just saw a story on the news about a bunch of people complaining about the Michigan State Police units that now patrol Belle Isle and how they’re ticket happy. Seems that they’re actually writing traffic tickets to people speeding on the island. In other words, doing their job? It’s evidently a race thing, even though the Mayor was stopped, and written, for going 12 over. He didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with getting the ticket for it. What’s up with that? I can’t imagine being fine with someone enforcing a law. If you’re one of those dumbasses that say “well, he was only doing 10 over”, shut up now! Tickets bring in money for the state, it is what it is. Belle Isle has been a shit hole for so long, as much as I love it. If there’s more of a police presence, and people know they’re stopping people – as in EVERYONE doing ANYTHING, it’ll keep out much of the bullshit that goes on there. It’s like the people complaining about their punishment when they’re caught shoplifting. My friend, who owns a gas station / store, recently busted someone stealing two candy bars. He called the police. The kids parents called the store to complain to him how unfair it was to ruin their sons record over two candy bars. I guess you should only involve the police if they steal something big. I guess laws should only be enforced if it’s something major. The tickets for traffic violations aren’t supposed to be issued because it’s “not a big deal”.

Here’s a thought, stop complaining about getting tickets for doing something that you shouldn’t be doing. Better thought? Don’t fucking speed! If you do, as I do, don’t fucking complain about getting a ticket for it – you stupid shit…


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