Bloomer Training Day



“If you think you rock, or if you think you suck – you’re right”
Training Notes for this week
– The new training schedule for this week is posted at
– This Saturday’s training session will take place at Bloomer Park. Meet at the Stone Shelter Pavilion at 9 am. If you’re coming, you need to register for it. Do so by going here. Cost to register will go up on W. There is NO day of sign up to come out and play. In other words, if you’re not pre registered, you won’t be training with us. Plan to be in the forest, river, storm drains…. whatever else, for about 2 hours. You will get WET and you will probable BLEED. If this scares you, don’t come
– Diamonds & Dirt Women’s Trail Run is almost here – get signed up or lose out. No entries above the 200 cap, no exceptions. This isn’t a “sell as many spots as you can” event. I don’t care if we don’t sell out and I don’t care if it’s too hard for most of you. That’s why you do it, because it SHOULD be hard for you. If not, go do a warrior dash this summer… xo



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