You’re Soft (unless you have a vagina)


If you’re a guy – man, boy, tough guy… anything with a dick, your girl is tougher than you. Your wife, your girlfriend, your fuck buddy… whatever else. She’s tougher than you. Way tougher. Not just yours, but all of them. Lets start this off by saying that I’m addressing everyone that trains. Not those that sit on their ass but those that train. Now that we’ve made that clear, everyone else can turn away. Those that train, keep on reading.

How do I know? Because I’m tougher than you. I’m also tougher than the 27 other fighters I beat. I’m especially tougher than the 21 of those that I sat on their ass. Each one of those 27 were tougher than you too. So that pretty much puts me near the top of the food chain – as far as things with a penis go. My wife? She’s tougher than me, WAY tougher than me. She’s tougher mentally and she’s tougher physically. I’m not talking about unimportant things like how much weight she can lift and how hard she can punch me back. I’m talking about being able to push past whatever limit we think we have, as guys. Every single woman who TRAINS with me is tougher than any other man I know. They’re tougher than you are too. What makes that even more badass is that they know it. They may not flaunt it. I think many of them are content to let us go on and on about what ass kickers we are and how hard we train and to what extreme we THINK we push ourselves to. And we may very well do that. Doesn’t matter, women go on harder and longer when the things we’ve been taught to recognize as signs to stop, occur. Women are tougher because they know that they’re not supposed to be. They’re tougher because we’re too busy trying to compete with other guys that we seldom acknowledge what they’ve been able to do and they’re tougher because they’re not so hell-bent on trying to prove to everyone how tough they really are.

I guess you could sort of say that you’re your bitches bitch. But I’m sure that being able to bench press more weight is of the utmost importance to some of you.


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