Pay the Price


I just read a short article / advertisement, can’t tell which it was – probably paid to have it look like an article. Anyway, they were trying to push the whole “10 minutes is all you need to get a great WORKOUT in”. I use WORKOUT lightly because, as any of you that TRAIN with me know, there’s a HUGE difference between working out and training. Most people workout. They all need to train. Now that I’ve declared my differentiation between the two, know that the person that wrote the 10 minute training article uses them interchangeably. So…  If you want to make progress, you do a couple of things. These things don’t really matter in terms of how exactly you fill them in. This will make sense in a moment. One, you do things that feel awkward. Awkward can mean off-balance, uncomfortable or whatever word you choose to use. Just as long as it’s not comfortable. The other is that you have to train HARD. You can train hard in 10 minutes. You can get your heart rate up, really fucking high, in 10 minutes. You can work up a sweat, maybe, in 10 minutes. You can’t train in 10 minutes. The only time your training session should end in 10 minutes is if you pass our / vomit or both. I believe in using some HIIT (high intensity short duration) routines now and then. But even those routines should never be finished in 20-30 minutes, and that’s probably too soon. These morons that push the whole get fit in record time by taking shortcut bullshit are either completely stupid or they’re lying to you because they think that you’re completely stupid. The people who buy into this crap are usually people who aren’t able to see the difference between working out and training. If they did, they wouldn’t give 10 seconds, let alone 10 minutes, of their time to these crooks. If you want to train, know it’s going to suck. If you want to train, know you won’t like it. If you’re going to train, know that you might be alone because if you’re going to train, most of your friends will tell you you’re working too hard. You need new friends.


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