Motor City Bootcamp training notes for the week of 3/23



“Greatness is a lot of small things done well”
Motor City Bootcamp notes
– This week’s schedule is posted. There’s not going to be any LED sessions from Friday through Tuesday. This Thursday will be the last one this week and will pick up on Wednesday of next week. There WILL be training sessions laid out via bandit format for those of you that wish to meet up. You’ll get more information later in the week
– Bring an outdoor layer with you on M and W am. We may be rotating indoor/outdoor for some drills. Bring boxing gloves too
– I’ll be posting some updated video of our “Lunchbox” sparring program so that those of you who are interested can see what you’re getting into, and those that aren’t can have more reasons to say you’re too intimidated
– Our kids program, Get in the Ring, has wrapped up it’s first session. Special congrats to all the little guys and gals that came out to play with us for 3 months. There’s no session on the 29th. A new session will begin on 4/5. If you’re interested, contact me asap. It’s a progressive program, so starting on time is important
– We’re still working on our sponsors page for this years Muddy Watters Trail Series but I want to take a quick moment to give a shout to our friends that are on board with us once again… Special thanks to The Legion of Gloom and Doom as our presenting sponsor. Pleasant Ridge Yogurt Station, Detroit Threads, John Aurelia DDS, Wetmore in Ferndale, GB Live Fit, Crossfit DV8, Rays Trays, Eisbrenner PR, Eisbrenner Financial Group, The I.T. Management Group, Mac’s Tire and Auto, AM Shoes and Textiles, Freeland Orthodontics and Dirty Digs Active Wear. I’ll have more information available soon

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