Motor City Bootcamp training notes for the week of 2/16


“If you think you’re strong, you are. If you think you suck, you do. Decide what you want to be”
Watters Performance, Where bitches and snitches end up on ditches. Follow me on Twitter for a sweet discount code coming this week from one of our sponsors – if you like running shoes that is. Don’t follow me, don’t get the code… don’t get shit
Muddy Watters notes
– The sign up fee for Diamonds & Dirt will take a hike this week. Sign up at 1/2 price before Thursday. For more information or for the link to sign up, visit the website found below
– Hoping that those of you who showed up at WPE for the localized ass kicking weren’t COMPLETELY disappointed for the change of game plans. We’ll be making a Bloomer trek soon enough. I feel a Saturday field trip working coming soon
Motor City Bootcamp notes
– You can find the schedule on the website rather than the blog. If you’re dumb enough that I actually have to say this, please stop coming. Go to the Motor City Bootcamp page. Why there? So you can see the link for RELEASE FORMS. Download one and bring it with you by Wednesday. Swear to god, I’m one day away from sending you home with a note pinned to your jacket. Oh yeah, and I’ve posted a couple of board sessions on the page too. Feel free to download them. If they don’t make sense to you, come see us. We’ll train you in the language of work your ass offish
– Anyone have some free time during the day for a one on one? I want one or two people that can meet me during the day, once a week, and attend at least one group session as well. Group sessions are at the typical am and pm times. Get back to me asap

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