Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for the week of 2/2

“Luck is the last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident. Sweat, on the other hand, is for those who know it’s a choice”
Motor City Bootcamp training / Muddy Watters Trail Series notes
– We’ll be out of town from TH am – Sunday. Normal game plan for next week. You’ll notice there are still 5:30 am sessions scheduled for TH and F. Get together at the deck and, if you’re going, contact me for the access code to the bandit workout that I’ve prepared for you to do. Each one will be posted by 9 pm the day prior.
– Dress warm tomorrow am. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. Enough said.
– Frozen Watters Trail Run #2, 2/15. Day after Valentine’s Day. Blow off some steam the day after being forced to get her an engagement ring.
– Great motivational video. I’ve not linked anything in a while but some of you have asked for some more. Check it out
– This week’s schedule is posted on the blog. Where is the blog link (Stef)? Look below.
So… I had to share this. It’s the description of a health club in the area. Not knocking it, everyone needs something different. Had a laugh nonetheless. I’ve edited it so as to apply to what I’d need it to say in order for it to be applicable to what we here do at MCB. Have a look…
We cannot wait to have you as a part of team ****! At **** Studio Fitness, working out is not work!(while training with MCB, you’re probably going to cry, puke or hopefully a combination of the two)We combine the energy of great music and motivational people, to inspire a fun (if there’s any music at all, it’s going to be what I want to listen to. I don’t care what you like to listen to. If you’re having fun here, you’re not getting what you paid for. You’re not supposed to like it. If you did, I wouldn’t have a job), sweaty, and effective fitness experience. We offer a full schedule of Zumba® classes that our customers enjoy so much, they cannot help but make them a regular part of their schedule. (You’d better show up often enough to make it a regular thing or it’s going to SUCK every single time you do it. If you come regularly, it only sucks a little) Our students love our enthusiasm and they appreciate our personal attention, flexible schedule and non-intimidating atmosphere. (If you’re not intimidated to come in to train with MCB your first session, you probably heard about it from someone that never trained here before)

Our customers enjoy increased cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, weight loss, stress relief, self-confidence and energy. They also enjoy the socialization of sharing classes with family, friends, and community members. We motivate and inspire one another to achieve our goals. (MCB peeps enjoy feeling like they can beat the shit out of anyone at anything by getting their asses handed to them every session they show up for and are pressured to compete in competitive events throughout the year. Why? because they can. We don’t train to tighten up your ass. We train for optimum performance in anything you do.)

****Studio Fitness offers classes for students ages 4 to 94! Our program is designed so that anyone can take part. (NOT everyone can take part in what we do at MCB. NOT because they can’t physically do it but because they don’t have what it takes in the heart. And that’s good, that’s why our peeps are the hardest ass trainees of any program out there.) The ***** Fitness Program offers something for everyone. Every person at **** Studio Fitness, staff or student, is a supportive player in the health and happiness of team ****. (We are not here to offer you something you like to do. We are here to give you what you paid for. Fitness, strength, confidence and the right, when your friends tell you what they did at zumba that day, to say to them “Oh how cute”)

Motor City Bootcamp Schedule and Fees

105 per month * 155 for 10 sessions * 20 drop in fee

All training sessions will meet at Watters Performance, 23446 Woodward, unless otherwise noted

5:30 AM 7:30 AM 9:00 AM Noon – 12:45 5:30 PM
Monday Park Street Deck
Tuesday Chester Basement  MCB  MCB
Wednesday MCB  Sparring  MCB
Thursday MCB
Friday MCB

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