Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for the week of 12/15


“Why would you ever expect significant change to occur if you never change significantly the things you do?
Motor City Bootcamp / Watters Performance LLC notes
– The new schedule is posted on the blog. For Monday 5:30am, meet at WPE at 530 SHARP! But bring outdoor clothing. We’ll be driving to a nearby park to play for a short while before finishing up at the gym.
– Next race on the docket, other than Frozen Watters, Infiterra Sports Kahtoola Mountain Run in February. Check it out by clicking on the link.
– For the winter – ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR AND BRING DRY SHOES TO CHANGE IN TO. If you don’t, you’ll train shoeless. No wet, slick floors please.
– The whole purpose of starting the Muddy Watters Trail Series was to use it as a ramp up program for a longer event. We’d gotten away from that, for many reasons. In 2014, we’ll unveil it – the world is finally ready for “The Big One”. Watch for details soon for this summers Muddy Watters Trail Series feature event, The Big One. Only 100 racers will run, what I’m going to go ahead and say is, the most miserable (amazing) and difficult 10 mile trail run on god’s green earth. Come get a piece of “The Big One”. Don’t worry, this won’t be taking the place of the 3 sprint races. You can suck at those too.
– Lunchtime boxing (lunchbox) and sparring program on W and F. 12 – 1245. Are you as hard as you think? Come find out.
– Get in the Ring kids program will start this Saturday at 10:30. If you’re interested, contact me for more information.


Motor City Bootcamp (5:30 am only)

85 per month * 125 for 10 sessions * 20 drop in fee for any 5:30 am session

Motor City Bootcamp (all sessions on the schedule)
125 per month * 165 for 10 sessions * 25 drop in fee for any session other than 5:30 am

All training sessions will meet at the studio, 23446 Woodward, unless otherwise noted

5:30 AM 7:30 AM 9:00 AM Noon – 12:45 5:30 PM
Monday Read Sunday Blast
Tuesday Chester Roof  Burst  Burst/Open
Wednesday Park Street Deck  Lunchbox  Burst
Thursday WPE  Burst  Burst/Open
Friday WPE  Lunchbox  Burst
Saturday  Burst

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