Muddy Watters Relay – November Race Training

“Make a commitment to yourself – I will NEVER fall short of my goals for any race/event due to the fact that I didn’t train hard enough”
This if for you Caza, my source of inspiration…. RACE TRAINING FOR 11/9 & 10
I have three events listed on my “board” at Watters Performance. They are…
  1. 11/9 Yankee Springs off road tri (paddle – mountain bike – trail run)
  2. 11/9 Ride Rocker Duathlon (mountain bike – run)
  3. 11/10 Highland Rugged Man (trail run)
To keep the momentum going from DWD, I’ve signed up to race Ridge Rocker and Highland. I’m challenging all of my MCB peeps to do the same AND commit to training every single day between now and then. Keeping in mind that every single day still takes into account the days in which you go do a slow 15 minute jog as a recovery day. Take it when you need it, but no more than once a week. Here’s the kicker, I want to make this an interactive thing. Those that are doing it (Bob, Dan, Brennan, Pat and whoever else that I know I can guilt into doing it, though they have yet to know) – I want you to use the MCB facebook page to post what you do each day. Nothing long, just something everyone can see in order so that there’s MUCH accountability. See it through and get some sweet shit the week after the races. Worried that you can’t mountain bike? We’re going to do at least one session at Island Lake, same place the race will take place. You’ll leave there feeling good about your riding skills. If I can teach Dori to ride, I can teach you…  xo
Want the details? Here you go…
  1. 2 person. Each person will cover between 3 – 5 miles of trails, hills, water and some other stuff I’m sure. No real exercise stations in between. Why? Because your partner will be doing a Motor City Bootcamp routine (revolving cycle) for the duration of YOUR run. Run fast, because you’re going to do the same when they’re running. This is a low key, low cost, low maintenance event. It’ll take place through and around Bloomer / Yates but I don’t have a definite staging space yet. Why you ask? Eh, just not done it yet. Actually, I may stage this from outside the park. I’ve got a little idea brewing in my dome. I’ll update as we get closer. Cost will be $55 a team. No timing, no bibs, no shirts, lots of food and some sweet give aways to the top M/M, F/F and M/F teams. Everything else will be randomly tossed about.
  2. I’ll be posting the signmeup link tomorrow on the Muddy Watters Bump & Run Trail Series facebook page, you won’t get an email. If you don’t follow that page, change that!
  3. I’m not going to take any more than 50 teams. Only because of the logistics. It’ll make sense when the format is posted.
  4. In order for the race to go off, I need to have 20 teams signed up by 10/14. Don’t wait for any groupons or other discounts. They’re not coming. This is an old school, throwback, come as you are, fuck the rules, bandit sort of race.

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