MCB Training Update for Friday 9/20


“Bitches suck. Don’t be a bitch”
MCB Notes for Friday
– I didn’t think I’d have to put this in writing… NO, you won’t be running stairs on Friday morning if you’re doing DWD. It was a JOKE. Bring your boxing gloves. Those not racing, or not wanting to box WILL be running stairs
– Lunch”box” Friday… I need a head count. First come first serve and it you’re not on the list, you can’t come play. Drop in $10, $5 if you’re already training with me one on one. Open to anyone. Session will last from noon – 1245
– Follow my new twitter account. Don’t miss out, all the cool people are doing. Don’t you want to be cool like all your friends? Even the haters are doing it, they’re just using fake names. You know who you are – read above… Why follow it? Cuz I’m badass, ask all your frends

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