Saw something on FOX last night. Mcdonalds employees wanting to form a union so they could strike in order to demand that they all be paid $15 an hour. How they came up with that number I don’t know. Reason being that what they make isn’t enough to pay your bills with and raise a family on. No shit? Which is probably the reason that most people don’t aspire to become McDonald’s employees for a permanent job. Most of the people I know that work, or have worked a job like that, have done so as a second job or a summer/student job. What would happen to the people who already make $15 an hour, they’ll want more than someone whose being paid to do unskilled work and making the same paycheck. It’s ridiculous to me. The best part? Some dipshit minister of “The Holy Lords Childrens Brothers Church of Detroit” (not the real name but you know what I’m getting at) was in the studio making the push. His reason was because the owners are rich white men who make billions of dollars off cheap labor. Guess what, if they pay people $15 to make hamburgers, the burgers will cost more. The people buying them, usually because they’re cheap, won’t be able to afford them and those people making $15 an hour won’t have a job. Just because a business does well, which is kind of the point, doesn’t mean the people working there are entitled to a larger chunk of the money. You’re an EMPLOYEE. Do your work, get your money or go work someplace else. The owner takes on the risk. If they do well, great, they should. If they don’t, are you going to take a pay cut? Exactly. If you want to make more, get a better job. If you can’t, find a way to get an education. I don’t care what excuse you give. Kids, money, time… whatever. Everyone has the ability to better educate themselves if they’re willing to take advantage of the opportunities out there that will allow them to do it. It may not be “convenient” but it’s available. Just do it. Nobody’s making you stay at a job you don’t like. Oh, and by the way, the minister whose church is, of course, tax exempt (I think they all are), had two Cadillacs registered to the Church’s expense account. Evidentally God wants him to drive a nice car while he’s spreading the word about how the white suburbanites are stealing from the urban community. He’s also unable to account for more than 175,000 in donations over the last 2 years. Good guy I’m sure.


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