Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 7/28

“What is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way”
This week’s schedule is posted at
– Interested in seeing what you can expect at Muddy Watters #3? Go to our facebook page for a helmet cam view of the course – including “the jump”. Find it at Muddy Watters Bump & Run Trail Series on FB
– Anyone interested in purchasing left over race shirts from Diamonds & Dirt or Muddy Watters #2, we have a few left over. $10 each. Let me know.
– Dirty Digs long sleeved deep neck cut and women’s training tanks (check out the FB page for what they look like) are available for purchase, as are Motor City Bootcamp hoodies. Women’s hoodies are black with pink logo. Men’s are grey with black logo. Both with the WPE boxing logo on the back.
– Great video to check out

Motor City Bootcamp (5:30)

85 per month
125 for 10 sessions
20 drop in fee for any 5:30 am session
Motor City Bootcamp Elite (all sessions on the schedule)
125 per month
165 for 10 sessions
25 drop in fee for any session other than 5:30 am

All training sessions will meet at the studio, 23446 Woodward, unless otherwise noted

5:30 AM 7:30 AM 9:00 AM 5:30 PM – 7 PM 6:30 PM
Monday WPE  Burst
Tuesday Chester Roof  Burst  Burst
Wednesday Lafayette Deck (RO, south of 4th street)  Burst
Thursday WPE  Burst  Burst
Friday Gusoline Alley (Boxing)  Burst
Saturday  WPE

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