Muddy Watters #2 Racer Updates

Please take a moment to read the attachment should you be racing this weekend. If you’ve not registered yet, online registration will close today. Day of registration is $50 – get there (Hilltop Shelter at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills) between 8:30 and 8:45.
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Muddy Watters #2 Updates


1.  Race Check-in/Registration

-Time:  8:30am-9:15am (There will be no registration/check in past 9:15am- no exceptions!!!)

-If registered with sign me up or pre-registered with Jeff, please locate your posted racer number and proceed to the correct registration line.

-Only day-of registration and the children’s registration will require a signed release form.

2.  Racer T-shirts

-Only people who pre-registered by June 26th are guaranteed a T-shirt.

– If you pre-registered after this day, you can check back after registration and any leftover t-shirts will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

-Group-on participants:  Your entry does not include T-shirts; however, if you would like to purchase one, any leftover T-shirts will be available to buy for $10 after noon on the race day.

3.  Location

-Bloomer Park (there will be a park entry fee of $5 daily or $30 yearly required to enter park)

-Hill Top Shelter (located at the back of the park.  Ask at front if you need to!!!)

-Restrooms available at the Hilltop Shelter

4.  Race Start

-Hilltop Shelter:  9:30am

-Pre-race briefing:  9:15am sharp (race will start immediately following this meeting)


5.  Key Drop

-For your convenience, a bag will be provided for keys to be left at the Hilltop Shelter during the race.  You are responsible for claiming your own keys at the completion of the race.

6.  Spectators

-Spectators are always welcome!!  That being said, the race course footing may be difficult and at times “non-existent”!  Enter at your own risk.  Check out the attached park map and possible spectator viewing areas will be noted  at the  pre-race meeting.

7.  Course Marking

-Marked with pink ribbons throughout the race.

Ribbon: Ribbon is tied to trees, stick flags, signs, benches, poison ivy, dead dear, etc.

-“Continue straight” is marked with continued single ribbons

-Turns will have two ribbons together in the direction of the turn. (Example: Two ribbons together on the right side of the trail mean the course turns right. After the turn, a confirmation ribbon is placed. )

-River /water entry is marked by three ribbons close together.  Proceed into water and a confirmation ribbon will be placed close to that area in the direction you are to proceed.


8.  Thank the Volunteers & Sponsors’: Running the race is easier!

9.  Aid  Stations:   Water is provided at the Hilltop Shelter only.  There is no water (to drink) on the course.  If you want it, bring it, but please carry it back out!!!


10.  “Mini” Muddy Watters Race

Race Check in/Registration:  10:00-11:00am at Hill Top Shelter

Race Start: ~11:00-11:30am Hill Top Shelter (It will start after the last adult has finished the race.)

Race Description:  Course will include a “mini” version of our adult Muddy Watters Race (no water crossings).

Ages:  2-8 yrs=1/2 mile distance (parents/guardian should plan on running with the child)

Ages:  8-12 yrs=1mile distance

Race  Cost:   None!!!

*This is a great training run for the “Official” Mini Muddy Watters on August 17th!


11.  Awards, Raffle, Food:

-11:00am:  Immediately following the kids race, there will be a post-race food, raffle and place finisher awards handed out.  If you can, stick around, it’s the best part!!

-Times will be posted by the end of the following week at and (Please do not approach race timers during the race to ask for your time.  They will not give it to you!!!!!)


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