Why Are You Here?


I watched a fight a while back, a LONG while back. It was the second fight between Thomas Hears and Sugar Ray Sally, I mean Leonard. Great fight, though Hearns was robbed. Entertainment value high but, what was of even more value was the story behind the fight. You see, their first fight occurred when they were young kids making their way up the ranks. They were two of the best fighters of that weight class to come around in YEARS. Their fighting each other was huge. Hearns would have had the fight had it gone 12 rounds, like championship fights do today. But, back then they went 15. He tried and wound up losing the fight by KO in the last round. Though he had a great career, he was never met with the same type of respect that Leonard was. Leonard had more commercials, endorsements, interviews, book deals and on and on. For so many years after that, they fought many of the same people but were never unable to meet up with each other until about 15 years later. The fight was a travesty. Hearns had NEEDED this fight, for nothing other than to rid himself of that monkey on his back. The monkey that always told him that Leonard was the better fighter even though Hearns had dominated the first fight, by a land slide, before the final 3 rounds. He never said it but you knew that he thought he was the one who deserved all the accolades that were rained down on Leonard for all those years. When he got his chance in #2, he fought that way. Though the fight was judged a draw (even though Hears put Leonard down twice), he didn’t care. The crowds chant of bullshit / bullshit / bullshit, said it all. He knew that they knew. He knew that everyone knew. When the fight ended, the commentator said something that always stuck with me. He said “This fight had nothing to do with fighting”, inferring that it was something more. I got it. I feel like that majority of the time I spend in the gym training, whether I’m boxing, lifting, running or whatever else, has nothing to do with training. Of course I want to look good. Of course I want to stay healthy. Does it relieve my stress? Who knows, maybe. But there’s something else to it, something you can’t catch or voice. But it’s always there. It’s what keeps me coming back to battle myself day in and day out. It’s probably what makes you come back too. Why we’re here doesn’t matter, we’re here. And we’re here because of something other than wanting to be healthy. The training has nothing to do with training. Whatever you’re chasing can’t be caught. But trying to is what keeps you moving. So keep up the chase. Understanding all the while that what you’re chasing isn’t as important as knowing that you’ll never understand it anyway. There’s peace in knowing that it’s ok not to know the reason for everything in life. Once you can let go and be fine not knowing, you’ll see many of the walls you put up – start do disappear. They’re gone because the reason you put them up, no longer exists. The smartest person is the one that knows they know nothing. At the end of your next grueling run, remind yourself that it never had anything to do with running.


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