Muddy Watters / Dirty Digs


Muddy Watters Trail Series
Today is the last day to register for MW #2 and still get a shirt. You know the speech, as of tomorrow – price goes up, swag goes down. That sucks. Register
Dirty Digs
– What is it? An active wear clothing line. Proceeds help fund our “Get in the Ring” program. A program to help make it possible for pay to play HS athletes to participate in their given sport. Which they’d otherwise be unable to do. Buy some digs here. “Like” us for a discount on your purchase.
Definition: insult, displeasure
Synonyms: affront, aggression, assault, attack, battery, black eye*, blitz*, dig*, harm, hit*, hurt, indignation, indignity, injury, injustice, left-handed compliment*, onset, onslaught, outrage, push*, put-down*, slam*, slight, snub, assailment, blitzkrieg, dirty dig, mugging, slap in the face, zinger
 Antonyms: kindness, pleasure
* = informal/non-formal usage

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