Final Racer Update for Muddy Watters #1

Course is set. Plan on roughly 15 miles, should you get stuck in the river and unable to reach shore. You’ll probably come out somewhere near Metro Beach at some point I would guess. If you get our where you’re supposed to, probably going to run about 4 miles. River is RAGING and yes, you’ll be in it. Often. If you can’t swim, don’t get in! I shouldn’t have to say this but someone always forces me to. You WILL bridge jump and you will be in water over your head. If you can tread water, you won’t have to swim. The current will take you where you need to go. Bugs, yes. Poison ivy, yes. Advice? None – life sucks sometimes. Deal with it. It’s going to be important to cross any water features WHERE YOU SEE THE RIBBONS. I’ll reiterate this tomorrow at pre race. Water is high and we’re actually going to cross a protected area that we need to be aware of. So don’t venture far from where the designated route is.
Race day sign up is $50 and you should have exact cash or a check. If you have three twenties, I’m taking a $10 tip or you’re not racing. Please take a moment to grab something at Yates after the race. They’re being kind enough to let us park there.
Lastly, thank you to all of our sponsors. Please show them your support any opportunity you get. They make this possible, not legal, but possible. See them by visiting
Please see the attached file for all other race day information that you will NEED TO KNOW.

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