Dealers Choice

Want motivation? Pick something, anything. Although I think that there’s way too many of these “mud/obstacle” runs around… WAY too many, it’s a great way to get your ass motivated to train. Pick one that’s about 2 months out. Do some research into that specific event and see what type of obstacles they feature. Don’t hire a trainer, rather find some type of group program that caters to a more adventurous/goal oriented program. Though teamwork and all the Rah, Rah bullshit is hoakey (unless you’re military), there’s comfort in numbers. Many of the “bootcamps” will offer training that closely simulates the kind of training needed to complete one of these events, I know mine does. But, once again, do research. Check out the class and take note of the type of people who are training there. Are these athletes? Keeping in mind that anyone who is dedicated to improvement through moving their body in a competitive way is an athlete, are they the kind of athletes that can complete your race. If they’re not, move on. Many of the CrossFit “boxes” also offer high intensity, short duration training or BURST workouts. Going to the gym and running on a treadmill doesn’t cut it. It’s also boring as shit. So, shake it up by signing up. Find something that scares you and that you don’t believe you can do. Or at least have a little doubt. Same day, find a place and group of people to train with. You’ll kick ass at your event, get motivated by new people and friends as well as become the motivator for some newbie coming in at the tail end of your race training. Then you can pass this entry over to him/her.


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