And… Now What?


Long holiday weekend, probably drank (definitely ate) too much and you’re ready to get back on track with “life”. Be it work, play, fitness, family events… finding time for all that shit sometimes seems a tough task. It’s the same for everyone. Whatever time you use during your day to do your “shit”, it’s a busy day. You get used to your personal grind. Some people grind out 18 hour days and some grind out 6 hour days. They both typically feel the same, like they just ground out a long fucking day. Whatever that means to you, there’s time left over for life. What’s life? You tell me. Mine is sitting in bed with my boys as they fall asleep next to me, knowing that they’ll be wide awake if I’m not there to make them feel safe as they drift off. Was my day busy? Was it hard to get back in time before they were ready to go to bed? Did I still have more “shit” to do that could have kept me away from that bed alongside them? Yep, but so what. All the “shit” will be there no matter how much of it I ever get done. Want to do the things that bring you peace? Listen to that gorgeous girl strumming the acoustic guitar while you lay and listen? Now what? Why aren’t you? Do the things that you want to do. The shit you don’t want to do will still be there when you’re done.


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