Muddy Watters Trail Series #1 notes

Just so that nobody can piss and moan this time… There is a $5 daily park entrance fee that must be paid unless you have an annual Bloomer park pass ($30). This money goes directly to the park to help maintain the park facilities.
Bump and Run #1 Shirts!
Want one? Then get your ass signed up by midnight on May 27th (no exceptions!). Waiting any longer will result in a muddy ass kicking with nothing to show for it…
The 2013 Muddy Watters Trail Series, presented by iwerk, would like to welcome aboard the Shelby Township Athletic Club ( as one of our season sponsors. Interested in checking out what they have to offer? Print off the attached file for a free 10 day membership. If you don’t see one, contact me and I’ll get it to you.
Results for Diamonds & Dirt should be posted no later than tomorrow evening. Having some issues loading it from my ipad.

2 thoughts on “Muddy Watters Trail Series #1 notes

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I have already signed up for race one with the shirt. I now have work crap. Can I move the race I participate in to number 3 and still retain a shirt?

    Thanks, Joe Klavitter

    • Yeah Joe. I still need to you get me a waiver and release prior to #3. It’s on you to shoot me a reminder about a week out so I can still make sure to get you a shirt. Thanks man!


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