Define it…


Let me start by saying that this has nothing to do with the nature of what they do. Yes, they’re fitness related but no, it’s nothing at all similar to what I do.  That being said, I need to vent about TV Fitness, my next door neighbor, being featured on FOX2 as one of the areas best gyms. Considering the fact that is was FOX, it shouldn’t bother me in the least. We all know how well FOX does their research. What bothers me is how they, or maybe even you, define “gym”. TV fitness does nothing other than offer equipment that allows you to do infomercial exercise routines such as p90x, insanity, etc. What they don’t do is offer anything of any originality or anything that they’ve actually come up with. My definition of a gym isn’t someplace that offers you space to do someone elses routine. If FOX thinks they’re a great gym, shouldn’t that notoriety go to the actual trainers on the video’s that they show? It’s not just that. Long ago I made a commitment that, once I was able to, I would come back to Ferndale to open my own boxing space. I did so because I’m from here and I love this community. I saw a paid advertisement (one of those that is made to look like an interview) in which the owners of TV fitness made the comment about having wanted to do the same, offer this gym to the community they live in and how important that was. The funny thing is, they don’t live here. Nor have they ever lived here. To top it off, they recently posted an advertisement in front of their building saying that they offer Crossfit. I have a friend that owns a crossfit gym. Crossfit isn’t something you offer, it’s something you are. It’s not a class, it’s a philosophy and a specific regiment. In other words, it would be like going to a basketball arena after having seen an advertisement that they now offer Hockey. Not possible. Also illegal. It’s a trademark infringement. Come to find out, the majority of the things they offer, they don’t have permission to use. All this from the gym FOX named one of the best in Detroit, even though they weren’t even voted the best in Ferndale by its residents. The lack of research by the media is almost as bad as the lack of integrity displayed by business owners that will say anything they can and use any loophole they can find in order to make a buck. Support locals, those that care about being local and those that ARE local. Doesn’t have to be WPE. SNAP fitness is local, Body Morph is local. I’m sure there’s more. Does it bother you that this kind of thing goes on? Contact Ferndale Patch or some other locally based media outlet. At least they do some research before plugging information based strictly on what the owners says. Say what you are and be that. Think I’m a dick by putting this out? Note that their owners are included on this mailing. Also note how they won’t respond…


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