Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for the week of 2/24

“Stop talking about it and be it”
Muddy Watters Trails Series / Diamonds & Dirt notes
– In case you missed it, we’re bringing back the point series for the 2013 Muddy Watters season, Presented by iwerk. The highest point tally for male and female racer at the end of the season will win a new Garmin and a ton of other sweet stuff. You have to participate in all three Muddy Watters races. To do so, you have to sign up for the 3 race series. Easier for us to track that way, less money for you. 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9…. down to 10th place getting 1. The link for the 3 race series is Cost goes up by $10 later this week.
– Diamonds & Dirt question, is it illegal to run through a storm drain if no authoritative figures see you doing it? Cost goes up later this week. Sign up now and save some cash… you’ll need it for your PTS therapy following the event.
– Side note… if you’re looking to do some blow up wall climbing, rolling around in a flooded field with people spraying bubbles at you, this aint it. If you want gimmicks and races concerned with pushing through as many bodies as possible, go do a Warrior Dash. Here, you’ll be in tightt quarters with no more than 250 other racers, using the lay of the land and your mind. You may or may not finish but you WILL learn something about your intestinal fortitude.
Motor City Bootcamp notes
– This is a “blitz” week. 5:30 pm sessions T, W, TH and F. Come to all or don’t come at all. These are “open” sessions. You get this email, you can come play. To see this weeks schedule, visit the blog address below.
– For the Park Deck workout, meet at the stair well nearest Greek Islands. Come ready for some stairs.
– I’m running a series of “do anywhere” bandit workouts on the blog this week. A new routine will run every day, for 6 days. Want to get them emailed to you directly? Contact me for the password.
– Great link to check out
248 320 5705


Motor City Bootcamp (5:30 am)

  • 85 per month
  • 125 for 10 session punch card
  • 20 drop in fee for any 5:30 am session
Motor City Bootcamp Elite (all sessions on the schedule)
  • 125 per month
  • 165 for 10 session punch card
  • 25 drop in fee for any session other than 5:30 am
All training sessions will meet at the studio, 23446 Woodward, unless otherwise noted
5:30 AM 7:30 AM 9:00 AM 5:30 PM 6:30 PM
Monday Park Street Deck Bham – ground floor Open
Tuesday Chester Basement Boxing/Burst Burst / open Open
Wednesday WPE Boxing/Burst Open
Thursday WPE Boxing/Burst Burst / open Open
Friday KOR Deck / Boxing Boxing/Burst
Saturday Boxing/Burst

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