Diamonds & Dirt / Muddy Watters 2013 Point Series

We’re bringing back the point series standings for the 2013 Muddy Watters Trail Series. The overall male and female point series winners will take home the new Garmin as well as some other swanky stuff. Catch is that you have to register for all three races before #1. Use the link below to do it at a discounted rate

Where else can you win diamonds for getting your ass kicked?



Meet at the Stone Shelter at Bloomer Park 345 John R. Road, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48306. Get there by 8:30 if you’re already registered, 8:15 if you’re not.



Beat the hell out of anyone dumb enough to show up, while raising money for a great cause.



This event, like our Muddy Watters events, will traverse the park and most of its features. Plan to be in the water, through the swamp, on the trails and through the forest. You can expect specific task and / or training stations along the way. Oh yeah, and bring an old brides maid or wedding dress (feel free to alter it, you’ll be racing in it). You know the saying – Never a bride, always a runner… or something like that.



On or before March 10th



March 11th and after




Available at the park, stone shelter, from 8:15 – 8:50. No shirts, no medals, no gloves and you pay more. Pretty much sucks, sign up early!




We’ll have some swag to give away from our sponsors. We’ll award the first and last finishers, everything else will be raffled off.

Oh yeah, and bring your old brides maid dress (feel free to alter it – you’ll be racing in it). You know the saying – never a bride, always a runner… or something like that





Following the race, like all our other events, we’ll have a kids event. The kids event will cover SOME of the same terrain as the big girls race, just not anything crazy. Plan on roughly 1 mile for the big kids, 100-200 yards for the little ones. As always, my Dad will be hand manning the grub.


Visit us online at or sign up here


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