Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 2/10

“Being content sucks. Content is for people who’ve stopped trying”


MCB Notes

  • Look for some new Bandit Workouts to be posted this week
  • Dress warm Monday morning, you may be heading outside for some run intervals
  • Great video to check out
  • Anyone interested in a Saturday Detroit Endurance Day in a couple of weeks? Let me know…
  • This week’s schedule is below /

Jeff – – 248 320 5705


Motor City Bootcamp (5:30 am)

  • 85 per month
  • 125 for 10 session punch card
  • 20 drop in fee for any 5:30 am session
Motor City Bootcamp Elite (all sessions on the schedule)
  • 125 per month
  • 165 for 10 session punch card
  • 25 drop in fee for any session other than 5:30 am
All training sessions will meet at the studio, 23446 Woodward, unless otherwise noted
5:30 AM 7:30 AM 9:00 AM 5:30 PM 6:30 PM
Monday WPE Open
Tuesday Chester Basement Boxing/Burst Open
Wednesday WPE Boxing/Burst Open
Thursday WPE Boxing/Burst Open
Friday WPE Boxing/Burst
Saturday Boxing/Burst

3 thoughts on “Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 2/10

  1. Hey Jeff,

    So nice to see you this morning and thanks again for the workout and tips.

    I so wish I had something profound to tell you vs stumbling all over myself. You have a hard decision to make, but let it be yours. We all love you and good to be safe, but sometimes too I understand, important to do what is right mentally as opposed to only physically.

    Either way, own, enjoy and be proud of whichever distance you take on.

    Hope this makes some sense and doesn’t come off stupid or empty – not meant that way anyways.

    Have a great day.



  2. And I forgot to mention – silly perhaps but it was so nice to hear you talk about ‘hating to run with people.’

    Nobody gets this?!! The beauty and pleasure of running for me is to do it on my terms, my way, without the noise of others (no offense).

    Competition is great too but again – meet ya at the start and the finish, but the actual run/race – MINE!!

    Make any sense?


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