Diamonds & Dirt / Frozen Watters / Motor City Bootcamp updates

“A man is not old until regrets replace dreams”
Diamonds & Dirt Notes
– registration is now open,
– register between now and 2/1, race for a 50% discounted rate
Frozen Watters Notes
– there will be NO day of registration. If you want to race on Saturday, you must register by the end of the day tomorrow.
Motor City Bootcamp Notes
– with the new year come some new changes to our gig. If you’re already familiar with what we do, spread the good word. If you’re not, read below. If you’re interested in coming in to see what we’re all about, consider this your invite to 2 free workouts. If you want to continue training with us, take advantage of the discounted rates for the new year. These rates will last through the next 30 days. Current athletes can take advantage of the discounted rates by tacking on extra time to your current deal.
At Motor City Bootcamp, we’re athletes training athletes.
Motor City Bootcamp was designed in 1994, to be an all
encompassing fitness program to meet the needs of everyone from
professional and amateur athletes of any sport to people new to
exercise completely. We don’t do this by dividing people into small
groups and training them differently. We do this by providing an
environment where everyone that participates is put into a position to
succeed should they be willing to put forth the effort. People of all
levels will train side by side in a very pressured but encouraging
surrounding. This is not a place designed to be comfortable. You can’t
progress if you stay in your comfort zone. Whether in the studio or
outdoors, you’ll be pushed harder than you’ve ever pushed yourself.
But you’ll achieve things that you never believed you could achieve
on your own. This is a success and goal directed environment.
Everyone has different goals and everyone has different things that will
make this successful for them as an individual. Only you can decide
what those things are. Just know that, in here, you’ll be provided the
road map with which to get to wherever it is you want to be.

We don’t follow exercise trends, we create them.

Rates: Motor City Bootcamp (5:30 am)
85 per month
125 for 10 session punch card
20 drop in fee for any 5:30 am session
Motor City Bootcamp Elite (all sessions on the schedule)
125 per month
165 for 10 session punch card
25 drop in fee for any session other than 5:30 am

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