Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for week of 1/13

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices”
MCB notes
– the new schedule is posted on the blog. Please note that there are NO workouts Th – Sn. Snowshoe trip. Those of you that want to do something can coordinate it with each other.
– also… yes, all the AM workout are outside this week. If you show up, don’t bitch, you already knew you’d be there!
– the following are a couple of events that MCB/WPE supports. If you’re available, please check them out and sign up! We hope to have quite a few there to “represent”! We’ll both be there to play too… They’ll both suck ass, but only in the best possible way
2013 Fight For Air Climb benefitting the American Lung Association (also known as the long ass stair climb at Renaissance Center)
Infiterra Sports Kahtoola Mountain Run, also known as running up and down a bunch of steep as hell ski slopes until you puke
– link worth checking out


* Please read the following “training conditions”

– All training sessions will meet at the studio, 23446 Woodward, unless otherwise noted

– Open workouts are for anyone participating in any of the WPE / MCB programs

– Boxing Conditioning is a private group – only available if you’ve purchased a burst/boxing package

– You MUST confirm a spot for ANY of the workouts. If not, WPE reserves the right to exclude you from that session

5:30 AM 7:30 AM 9:00 AM 5:30 PM 6:30 PM
Monday Lafayette Roof RO
Tuesday Chester Basement Boxing/Burst
Wednesday Kor Roof RO Boxing/Burst Open

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