Frozen Watters Trail Run info


Frozen Watters Trail Run Saturday, January 26th, 2013 – 9 AM

In the spirit of our Muddy Watters Trail Series,you can expect to cover much of Bloomer Park.

But, rather than running down various steep

decents, you’ll sled down them. Some of which

may not actually be considered sledding hills. But they’re steep nonetheless. You’ll be racing

with your sled the entire time, less the final

drill. While you’re completing it, one of our

volunteers will chuck it off the back side of the

hill and down into the woods. You’ll have to go

down and retrieve it to finish the race. Some may be close, some may be far and some may even be in the trees. But, that’s your problem, not mine… have fun

LOCATION: Meet at the Stone Shelter at Bloomer Park 345 John R. Road, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48306. Get there by 8:30 if you’re already registered, 8:15 if you’re not.


Course distance may vary depending on how lost you get. Either way, plan to cover between 3 – 4 miles. Though it’ll be on the “trails”, they’ll most likely be covered with snow, dress accordingly. You MUST bring a sled, preferably a light one, you’ll be running with it the entire time. You’ll go to various locations in the park and hit as many of the “sled points” as you can without breaking anything. Helmet may not be a bad idea. Example – several sleds came back broken last year.


Free to any kids that show up with their folks. This is a “mini” kids event, probably up to 8 years old or so but typically a little younger. Very short, very fun and a great way to get them involved in something that their folks dig too.


None. Come dressed to run and sled. Gotta pee? Find a tree.

REGISTRATION FEES:On or Before January 16th $30.00

January 17th and after:


Sign up by visiting here


Available at the park, Stone Shelter, from 8:15 – 8:50. No gloves and you pay more. Pretty much sucks, so sign up now! $40.00


We’ll have some swag to give away from our sponsors. We’ll award the top male and top female to finish, everything else will be raffled off.


Visit us online at
Jeff Watters 248 320 5705


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