Motor City Bootcamp training schedule for the week of 11/25

“Champions are made when nobody is watching”
MCB notes
– The new schedule is posted. Please make a note – NO PM WORKOUT tomorrow, Monday, night. There’s going to be a “bandit” workout hosted on Tuesday at 6:30 pm to take it’s place. Note that the bandit workout isn’t listed on the schedule.
– Interested in partaking in the Infiterra Sports December Chill adventure race? I have a free entry, get back to me ASAP and it’s yours. Get more info on the race at
– Personal Training – I have a couple of daytime spots that I’m trying to fill. If you want some one on one, or even to split it with a friend, and have time during the day – please let me know. I’ll have some early evening times opening up in a couple of weeks too, T and Th. Depending on the day, I’ll have times between 5 and 8 pm. Day / afternoon times will vary depending on the day, ask. They’ll be taken soon. If you’re interested or have any questions, get back to me.
– Bring your boxing gloves on Friday morning!
– link to check out
– I still need to get a release from a couple of you. If you’re one of them, email me so I can get it over to you.
248 320 5705
Training Schedule Below…


5:30AM (MCB) 6:30AM 7:15AM 7:30AM Noon 5:00pm 5:30PM 6:15PM 7:00PM
Monday (WPE)
Tuesday (Chester Roof) burst
Wednesday (WPE)  boxing  burst
Thursday (Sport Yoga) burst
Friday (Gusoline Alley) burst  boxing
Sunday boxing burst

For a map of the parking deck locations, visit

WPE Studio is located at 23446 Woodward Ave in Ferndale


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