Motor City Bootcamp workout schedule for week of 11/18

The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck. -Channing Pollock
MCB Notes
– this week’s new schedule is posted at, please make note of the W, Th schedules
– if you’re coming to the D on Th a.m., don’t worry about Turkey Trot traffic. There won’t be any that early. Park on Jefferson or in the deck at Ren Cen. Those that have been there already, try parking in front of the white building next to Hart Plaza, east of Cobo. Tomorrow morning will be a good run through on your parking options. Either way, get your ass to Detroit for great morning workout along the waterfront. No excuses, you don’t have to work…
Muddy Watters Notes
– don’t forget to check out Frozen Watters this January. Sleds mandatory, helmet optional. If you’re already partially “challenged”, don’t worry about bringing one
– link to check out



248 320 5705

Training Schedule Below…

5:30AM (MCB) 6:30AM 7:15AM 7:30AM Noon 5:00pm 5:30PM 6:15PM 7:00PM
Monday (Detroit) boxing burst open
Tuesday (Chester Roof) burst
Wednesday (WPE)
Thursday (Detroit) burst
Friday (Gusoline Alley) burst
Sunday  boxing  burst

For a map of the parking deck locations, visit

WPE Studio is located at 23446 Woodward Ave in Ferndale


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